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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy reviews

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Verified (?) Visited Jul 2014

Whilst Jason was good, I didn't really feel enough presence to invite me to come back for more sessions. The first session was good value for money but I certainly won't be committing to the packages - which work out to be between £55-£65 each.

Verified (?) Visited Feb 2014

I've only had a couple of sessions with Jason, but so far these have been great and will definitely be going back for more. Jason is very easy to talk to, but have to watch myself or else I;ll end up telling him more than I should.. Definitely recommend seeing Jason, if you want to get yourself in the right direction - emotionally,

I saw Jason for 6 sessions.

Before is started seeing Jason, a great deal of my time was taken up for most of my life with thoughts and anxieties about food, my weight and my body.

Through NLP Jason helped me identify some of the underlying causes of these anxieties and some of my unhelpful behaviours and thought patterns and helped me to develop new and surprisingly simple strategies and behaviours to replace them. With hypno-therapy I feel like the new behaviours and strategies have become a natural part of me which I now use effortlessly.

I now feel relaxed about my eating. I feel free of the anxiety about food and I feel like I am really enjoying food now without constantly having the conversation in my head about weight gain. I am losing weight without really trying and I am more accepting of my body. Although I embarked on this process with the aim losing weight, the benefits have been a lot broader as I feel that without all the unnecessary conversation in my head about food and weight, I have a lot more space and mental energy to put into enhancing other areas of my life. During this process, weight loss became almost a secondary benefit and the feelings of generalised mindfulness and well being that resulted became the most important benefit.

I cannot recommend Jason’s blend of NLP and hypnotherapy highly enough.

Jason really helped me sort out my problems with my relationship to food. I learnt simple and effective steps to help me eat in a conscious way, know when to eat and when not to. I learnt to identify real hunger and to know when I have had enough. Jason is genuine and caring and was very easy to speak to. I highly recommend him when dealing with weight loss and food issues.


I struggled with weight and health issues related to it since childhood and I had a lot of anger issues and other issues from my upbringing which affected my physical health and my mental health. Having been on antidepressants and having tried every recourse, I was recommended by my private physician to go to Aadi for the issues I was dealing with, I was skeptic having spent so much money and effort after so many therapists and therapies. I saw Aadi and having started his counselling and coaching programme, I started to see positive changes, he worked with me and dealt with my incessant questions and doubts while never once losing his cool. I found him to be all embracing, compassionate and a therapist and coach with a heart and not superficial, I stayed on with him working out my various issues and finally had many breakthroughs having dealt with my problems, my issues and my life generally. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for effective life changes and permanent breakthroughs and am so happy to have met him.


Sue is a great person that will get you to understand your emotions and deal with situations in a better way. I found her too be very accommodating and willing too help.

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