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Vinyasa Yoga reviews

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Visited Oct 2013

I found out about Fulham studio through my friend - a frequent client of Fitness On Fire. I am a totally beginner so I choose very carefully to make sure the studio actually matches my ability. Because of my friend's recommendation I decided to try out. And I was totally amazed by how good the classes are - the teacher is very skilful and patient when explaining the moves. I had a great time stretching my body and free my mind - definitely coming back!

Visited Oct 2013

I live local so I am visiting Old Street studio every week for yoga classes on Wednesday! The teacher is great and very patient. Girls are very friendly and professional. The shower room is fabulous. Definitely must visit!

Visited May 2013

I have been going to fitness on fire for about a year now and I really love it there, it's close to Old st tube station and it's also great value for money. If you want high end facilities then this is not the place for you there's only 3 showers in each changing room, but at present there are 2 in the men's changing room because 1 of the showers has been broken for about a year now (poor) for all the people who view yoga has a means of loosing weight then I would suggest that you go to ude's classes, his classes are always busy. If you want something a bit closer to the spiritual side of yoga I would suggest Austeja for a fun physical workout/challenging I would say Gabrielle or Victoria, if you want to try out some advanced postures Patrizia is the teacher, my personal favourite is Austeja for me she teaches yoga were it is supposed to come from but that's just a personal thing, overall the teachers are good. In summarising, good location, good venue, not so good facilities, Ambience improving all the time, Teachers great, Value for your pound fantastic! this place is what you make it, you get what you pay for, you can love it or hate it, I choose love... Come on down.

Visited Apr 2013

This centre prides itself on providing a calm, exclusive atmosphere. It is in a lovely building in a quiet mews in South Kensington. It aims to make people feel at home, with tea, water, things like that around the place. It almost feels like a private studio. These are the positive things I have to say about evolve.
Unfortunately, there are negatives. It is expensive. The classes (I've tried quite a few) are nearly all impossibly hard. Unless you practise yoga every day (and of course there are many who do), and/or you go to the same class for weeks and weeks, you will struggle to keep up. I had to leave one class, and I've practised yoga for years, to ask the woman at reception if there was an easier one.
I did find one class and teacher who were great. (By the way, there are no clocks in the studios. I always find them helpful to see how the class is going).
Receptionists. My next point. Really quite rude and patronising. On several occasions. I once came in on a Saturday morning and stood waiting at the reception desk for 25 minutes. The phone didn't stop ringing - no answer machine. Eventually the receptionist returned, munching her breakfast. While standing there, I spotted someone's bank card had just been casually left lying about on the desk for anyone to pick up. I pointed this out to the receptionist, who simply shot me a wintry smile and said "what is it you need?"
In my opinion this place is overpriced and, forgive the phrase, up itself. Despite the good class, I won't be going back.

Visited Oct 2012

I have tried and conquered an hour of challenging hot ashtanga (as they call it) and I feel brilliant. I bought this e-voucher a week ago as a gift for my self and my girlfriend and would recommend to anyone. not only was it enjoyable but also extremely affordable, especially when compared with the other yoga studios in the area.
warm teachers, good facility and great yoga community made it all very worth while!

Visited Oct 2012

First and foremost, I was pleasantly surpirised by the simple approach to yoga which is refreshing to say the least. After having visited a number other facilities it is clear that fitnessonfire have got it just right! It was yoga without the frills and the teachers realised that it was just as much to do with the fitness as it was to with the spiritual benefits. The reason I went was to lose weight, which may I add simply fell off me in the heat of the studio! I now go 3 times a week and not only feel great but have also made a number of new friends who like me can escape the stress of the real world by jumping into the yoga practice.
With love,

Visited Sep 2012

hi there! For many years of yoga practice I have realised the importance of determination and time investing for your mind and body. Recently, my girlfriend has recommend me a yoga studio based in old street, where I work close by, which is perfect for me. Pleasant joy after yoga workout and relaxation is garanteed, do not limit yourself with morning sessions are 90 min long are great for starting your day fresh!

Verified (?) Visited Sep 2012

I'm a Bikram student round the corner, and was disappointed by Fitness on Fire. The classes are, to be fair, enjoyable and well led, but the organisation and set-up of the place is pretty poor - the first lesson I arrived 20 minutes before class to find the place deserted and notes saying the teacher before never showed up; the second started at 9pm even though the previous class finished at 9pm...

Verified (?) Visited Aug 2012

I was new to Bikram Yoga and found this to be a good introduction to what it's all about.
However, the website wasn't very intuitive, the process to get registered and book onto your classes is quite convoluted, and it's difficult to get onto classes that run outside of working hours as they're booked up ages in advance. If you choose to go on the waiting list, be careful because it can still count towards your quota. I feel for the receptionist who has to take all calls and bookings and there is no-one from management to speak to. I requested an email address for the manager, wrote to them, and heard absolutely nothing back.
Having said this, the cost is great and the teacher's good, so even if you only use around half of your ten classes, it's still good value

Visited Jun 2011

The best yoga teacher I've ever had. Calm, professional, friendly. Lots of explanation e.g. what every posture is good for /aching back, neck, knees etc/. Every lesson has a deep spiritual dimension so it's not just about showing postures.
I highly recommend especially CANDLELIGHT FLUID FLOW - very new and amazing yoga experience.

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