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SmartLipo reviews

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Verified (?) Visited Aug 2014

Both the salon and the therapist were very nice but the experience is not exactly what it says in the description. There is no full body exfoliation or massage. The therapist exfoliated and wrapped my stomach and leg areas and then I sweated it out for the next hour and a half.

Actually it would have been a lot nicer with a bit of a head massage or something to help relax. It is quite hot and uncomfortable lying there and the salon is noisy so it is quite hard to relax.

I was quite happy with the result though and would recommend it.

Verified (?) Visited Oct 2013

Great value for money...will definitely come back for more. Treatments was as expected and more. Very friendly staff and really helpful with the information involving this treatments. Now I am slimmer and good bye to my stabborn fat.

Verified (?) Visited Aug 2013

It was the worse purchase ever.YOU need to do a consultation first,and if there are contraindications they will refund you the money in 4 weeks.Good subject for TV.So now I am paying interest for 1 month on my credit card ,and they are getting interest from my money.I dont like to be ripped of by companies and nobody does!!!

Visited Dec 2012

I had the laser hair removal treatment done from the beauty club and it actually worked!!

I have tried soo many salons and hair removal clinics in the last three years but none of them have worked for me. I have spent alot of money and I have been disappointed so many times so my friend suggested going to the beauty club and I booked my treatment through wahanda.

The therapist did a consultation with me and told me about new applight laser hair removal (advanced technology) and in the third session most of my hair was permanently gone I was amazed! now I plan to do full body hair removal.

This salon offers good quality treatments at a low price so i will be going again!

Saturday 7th of February I had my procedure with Dr silva and his team... What can I say amazing!!! From start to finish I felt completely at ease and comfortable. At my consultation I managed to completely go the wrong way about getting there sitting on the line for god knows how long making me extremely late to my appointment! I phoned to let them know and were very understanding and also helped give me clear directions as to getting there from the station! They answered all my questions thoroughly and made me feel completely confident in the surgery I was considering!! Dr silva was then kind enough to assist me in getting back to the appropriate station getting back into central London himself so I was not making the inappropriately long journey back!

After being booked in... I am a bit of a how should I say " faffer" regularly phoning up worh questions and queries Nisha was amazing! So patient and helpful consistantly! Always more than polite and helpful!

My day of surgery I had a very long consultation with dr silva who is always I'm the best of moods and smiling making the fact of having a big operation feel much more light hearted and less scary! we were then also joined by Aura who assisted in my operation. I have a terrible needle phobia and by the time drawings had been done and I was gowned up panic did set in slightly along with tears! Aura was incredible! Such a lovely lady she held my hand and talked to me the whole time Nisha also was great support and I had the confidence I needed in dr silva to make the whole thing come together!

Aside from their amazing team making me at complete ease and looking after me throughout my whole operation ( so much so I got a little over happy on sedation and we managed a group picture during!! ) they did an absolutely fantastic job!

I'm swollen and very bruised but if I'm this much smaller now after 3 days I can only imagine in 3 months!!! Dr silva was ridiculously thorough and did an amazing job with his brilliant team! After the op everything felt very relaxed I was still pretty dazed but we managed to sit down and have a cup of tea ( and laugh about some of my inapproprakte erratic remarks whilst under sedation!! ) and I left feeling over the moon.

Dr silva phoned me the day before my surgery, the morning after and the morning after that. Just to see how I am how I'm feeling and if I had any concerns!

I couldn't rate them enough. All such wonderful people and have a real passion for their work and do it incredibly!! *****

Thank you for everything!!!!

Visited Sep 2010

Staff is friendly, the doctor listens to what YOU want, nice comfortable environment. I had a SmartLipo procedure with Dr Joffily a couple of years ago. When I tell people it was painless, they don't believe me, but it was! After having it on Thursday, and 40 minutes of just resting, I walked to the station, got onto the train, went back to Sussex, had a comfortable weekend and went back to work on the Monday! All pain free! I didn't even take a paracetamol that weekend. I had my love handles and just below the buttocks where you get that fat stored. The results were what I expected, but it took about 8 weeks before I saw the final results. At first, you do see a improvement, but after 8 weeks, the cellulite was gone, no down time and it was great!! The really surprising thing is that after having it the cellulite was all gone. I've also had Botox treatments from Naruschka. After 4 days, huge improvement, great I've had botox many times before, but Naruschka's treatment didn't hurt at all, it was well administered, no pain at all. I noticed the change after 4 or 5 days. I've had treatments from many different clinics but I now just go to botonics because they have specialists for what you want, they listen to what you want, and want you to get a good treatment more than just make money off of you.

Hi Guys,

I went here as I wanted a total change. I hated my saggy boobs and mummy tummy following the birth of my twins. I used to have a cracking figure but having the twins had battered my body. I was very apprehensive as I had done a lot of research into the procedures and I knew I didn't want to have a general anaesthetic. I wanted to have a flatter tum and make my breasts fuller after breastfeeding. I went for several consults at other clinics after checking them out to see if they were regulated. When I went to this clinic I was really impressed. The building is wonderful and spotless. The staff were so helpful despite the fact that they were really busy.

I had a consult with Dr Choudhuri for the SmartLipo and he was really informative and examined me, took measurements and showed my loads of pics. He was realistic over the results and costs. I also had the chane to talk to some patienst in the reception who were having check ups and they were really happy. I also found out when I was reading some magazine that Dr Choudhuri is one of only 2 officially recognisised SmartLipo trainers in the Uk which means he can train other surgeons, which really made me full relaxed. I also had a consult with Dr Jabbar over the MAcrolane breast injection and couldn't believe some of the results that this doctor had achieved.

I didn't feel pressured and all my questions were answered. I went home and discussed everything with my husband and then booked the next day for the following week. On the day i was nervous but excited. I had MAcrolane first and after 45mins I had new boobs! It was a bit uncomfortable but managable. I then had a rest and showed my husband who couldn'd believe the change. After 30mins i then had SmartLipo on my stomach. Again i found it a bit sore but nothing compared to childbirth! Both Doctors were there and kept reassuring me. I was squeamish as I did not want to see the fat being sucked out but afterwards I saw that 1 litre had been sucked out which was impressive. The compression garment was put on in theatre and I was able to go home after 20 mins.

For the next 3 days I was stiff and sore with soem bruising but I was able to speak with Dr Choudhuri or leave a message for hime to call back which he always did. I hads a review at 2 weeks and coudl see a small change in the size of stomach but it was explained that it may take time to see the full results as there was still inflamamtion. I began to ntice a chnage in size over 6-8 weeks and by 12 weeks I had gone done a dress size. My boobs look great and I am really glad i went here. I can understand why this clinic and both doctors are recognised as the best. I woudl always recommend you have a consult beforeheand so you can get a feel for the place and doctors before having any treatment

Verified (?) Visited Jun 2008

On the surface the clinic looked clean enough until I walked upstairs to the reception area. The floor was dirty, the bathroom was filthy and that was when I should have walked out. I decided to tell the surgeon, Dr Choudhuri and Dr Jabbar what I thought about the place, They assured me that the cleaner had not been that day and apologised. The problem is when you want to do something bad enough, we all overlook the obvious even when one is paying £3800.

I had gone to do Smartlipo and I have to tell EVERYONE it is one of the most painful things I have ever gone through apart from given birth to five children. I went in fairly fit and toned. I asked Dr choudhuri to aspirate the fat from the arm, he indicated, it would not be a good idea as it would leave me with sagging skin, although that was my main problem, I took his word for it. He took some fat from my stomach area though. I was assured that the fat would disappear into my body in a matter of 3-8 months. He promised he always picked his phone and I could call him at any time and he would pick up.

After 6 months I saw no difference, so I thought I would call him to get some assurance, I emailed, I called, I emailed again and I called and emailed and called and eventually after 1 month, I called his main office and he picked up. He told me he would get someone who had done the surgery before to call me. I was not convinced from the telephone conversation I had with the other client. Now it has been 1 year and I am left with soft sagging skin loose fat under my arm. I had toned arms although I thought they were big.

When I managed to get to see them after 11 months to look at my arm, he told me he could see a difference and he would check the photographs and get back to me. He confirmed he saw a difference without sending me photographs for me to see and suggested I could have the fat removed for an extra 1500 pounds for a job he should have done before. I have asked him to send me pictures and after 3 weeks I have still not heard from him. I will definitely never be going back to Body Perfect clinic even if he offered to do it for nothing, not because the Smartlipo did not work without the Aspiration but also because I think the Post-Op Care is vital and I personally did not get the sense of sincerity and commitment in my experience with Body Perfect Clinic, Post-Op.

If there is anyway of posting my before pictures and after pictures I would post them on here for all to see. Actually I think it is better to go for Liposuction, or Liposculpture.


I have had various treatments over the years by Laura at Edenskye from sports massage to gelish nails, non surgical lipo,facials and makeup treatments and regularly go for eyebrow treatments.I can highly recommend Edenskye for all of the above,it seems there's nothing laura cannot do! There are still treatments I have yet to try but I'm confident that I would be satisfied with whatever treatment I receive in the future and certainly would not go anywhere else. Laura and her team and really welcoming and friendly and offer a fantastic range of treatments all carried out with care and professionalism it's no wonder she is proving very popular and at high demand.


Ive had all the treatments and there all fantastic! love the value for money and complete honesty from Laura, professional and friendly 100% recommend.
Im a weekly visitor 😀 ive even has treatments that are not listed. VERY HAPPY!!!

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