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Scar Tissue Treatments reviews

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Check out all scar tissue treatments reviews.

Verified (?) Visited Oct 2012

The therapisrt was extremely professional and did an amazing job! I would definitely recommend this clinic The facilities are great and would definitely come back - it was an amazing consultation


Verified (?) Visited Oct 2012

The therapist was etremely professional and did an amazing job! I would definitely recommend this clinic. The facilities are great and would definitely come back - it was a very informative consultation.

Visited May 2012

I would absolutely recommend Dermaeraze for stretch mark removal. The lady therapist is extremely friendly and nice to talk to and the skin needling yielded some fantastic results. The cost was quite expensive at £250 per treatment, but she took about two hours with me and covered all my stretch marks. The results after two treatments range from extremely good in some places (i.e. tops of thighs) to not so great in others, but this will hopefully be achieved through further treatments. I was told I would only need two or three treatments but having researched single needle treatment for stretch marks you can have many more, which will also help break down the wrong kind of collagen in the stretch mark and possible help remove it entirely over time. I have had other treatments such as microdermabrasion and glycolic peels, but it is this treatment that has so far shown the best results. I am also trying dermarolling but results take a long time and I am yet to see any difference.

Visited Feb 2012

Thanks Louise, lovely job. Medispasalisbury are just wonderful. The staff there are friendly, helpful, professional and they know how to relax you. I’ve had semi-permanent makeup applied to disguise a scar above my upper lip. I’m so thrilled with the result - it’s totally invisible!

Visited Nov 2011

I have had strech marks since I was a teenager from being overweight. I am now 25 yrs old and have been looking for treatments from the age of 17yrs to try and get rid of them. It took me a while to understand that I would never get rid of them so gave up looking when I was around 23 but started again last year with a carboxy treatment.

I have now used over 8 sessions on each treatment such as dermabraasion, laser treatment, some body clay wraps, and carboxy these were treatments that I have not in all honesty seen improvements to the texter of my skin and the strech marks would still look prominent.I have black skin which straight away if I saw results I would notice
because the strech marks I did have were incredibly white.

I was looking on the internet last year around September and came across by chance a news artical (I dont know if I'm allowed to say where) which spoke about a rejuvi treatment for tattoos as I wanted to get rid of the ones I do have and came across the Dermaeraze website after searching for rejuvi treatment. I also saw needling treatment which I have never heard of. I live in south east london so I thought it better make an effort to try caterham as I have been to so many places in central london that cost a lot of money especially if every person you deal with says it just needs 9 or so treatments.

I made my appointment with a very polite and friendly lady named Lorena Massoni-Mico. Lorena advised me to come and visit her salon for a consultation and to go over what I want done. As I initally wanted rejuvi done Lorena advised that she could also try needling treatment on my skin but she made it clear that I had to be careful with needling on my skin because the needling brings back collegan into the skin but too much of the needling can lead to hyper-pigmentation.

Because I had white strech marks then it was likely to work for me. I asked Lorena how many treatments I would need (I assumed 10) and Lorena said 1 maybe 1 more after seeing how my skin looks from the first go. I was excited straight away. I came the next week to get my treatment done and Lorena put some numbing gel on my arms, top of the boobs, sides and back. She then did the needle treatment and I couldn't stop giggling because it tickled but it did really kill at the same time in my sides but not as much as carboxy treatment where I could feel the carbon dioxide stiffening parts my your body

After Lorena finished my skin was very red and the strech makrs looked raised. I was given an aftercare paper and I made sure I followed it with using almond and olive oil. I had to wear a little clothes as possible when I got home I was really sore which Lorena told would happen and wore loose clothing the days after the treatment. It took 2 near 3 weeks for the redness to go down. Now on my sides of my stomach and back the strech marks blend in with my nornal colour I am still surprised by it all only one 1 treatment!!!

I have noticed a dramatic difference to my arms and boobs but will maybe need 1 more and Lorena did say to me that it's best when your skin catches the sun because the collegan would come back and the strech marks will look the same colour as the rest of my skin. The strech marks no longer look white and is looking more my skin tone but still might need another and will be doing it again next month.

I have done my rating as 5 star overal because I feel like I've not been disappointed
I seriously recommend needling it really has boosted my confidence after all these years of having strech marks!, I have never written a review before so I really do think it's worth it!!!!

Verified (?) Visited Oct 2011

I booked 3 derma roller sessions to improve my complexion. I've only had one session and can notice the difference, after a couple of days redness (i do have sensitive skin), my skin has a radiant glow so looking forward to how it will look after the remaining 2 sessions. The lady who carried out the treatment was very friendly and made me feel relaxed during the treatment. I would definately go there again to try other treatments. very professional..

Visited Jul 2007

My step son was an in-patient at this venue in 2002 after a road traffic accident. He broke his leg and needed a skin graft to close the wound. Peter Arnstein was the surgeon for our case and as parents of a frightened 7 year old boy, we were looked after extremely well and couldn't have asked for better care and attention.

Everyone from the surgeon, to the nurses and catering team were top notch and made what was a very traumatic time much easier to get through and our son is now a healthy happy 15 year old who is none the worse for his accident.

After struggling with awful stretch marks for 15 years ( I lost 20 kilos when I was 15), and every doctor telling me there was nothing to be done, as they were too serious for creams but not serious enough for surgery, I finally discovered Lorena Oberg :) With only 1 treatment half of them are gone, and the other half have decreased by half. So I'm planning to go back for 1 more session. I won't lie, the treatment hurts, and I detest pain, but it was absolutely worth it!

Been going to the clinic for over 3 month to treat some old scars I had due to old accidents. Sara is super friendly and professional at the same time. She knows exactly what is she doing. So far the scars, 30 years old scars are improving gradually, which I never believed that this could happen without a surgery. Looking forward to another 2-3 moths of treatment and the day that the scar are totally removed. Highly recommended, especially that no other place would match the prices Q image offers

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