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Samba reviews

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Verified (?) Visited Jan 2012

It was one of the best things on my list of things to do which I did. Zumba was very energetic and would have suited me some twenty years or so ago - full of energy and surprisingly a fusion of different cultures in terms of music and tempo. Samba was gentler and very much familiar in terms of its beat, very similar to reggae so following the rythm it was easy to follow. The taster Latin and belly dancing were wondeful. The belly dancer was so fluid and elegant. All in all a great way to move on to dance some more.

Verified (?) Visited Oct 2011

Dancebuzz was greatexperience. I bought four classes ; and it started with a misunderstanding a I wanted to only try zumba.

Teachers were good and failities are better than most dance place as it was a fitness first standard.

Verified (?) Visited Jul 2011

I bought the Wahanda deal for 4 High Energy Dance Classes from Dancebuzz. I took classes in Zumba, Street Dance, Samba & Bollywood Dancing. The dance teachers were all really enthusiastic and very good at their style of dance. They took you through, step by step, difference dance routines, before you did the dance routine to music so you had chance to practice the steps a number of times. I really enjoyed all the classes, but I personally preferred Zumba and Samba as Iike the latin style of dance and I've done salsa before.

Verified (?) Visited Jun 2011

I really enjoyed my samba class with Aneta.She was very fun,friendly, professional and I went away feeling as though I had an amazing workout as well as learning a few samba steps. The facilities at Esporta were very good and I was happy that Aneta did a class for a full hour and focused on strengthening the core through sit ups as well as teaching the class more technical dance moves. The only negative thing was the management team were not happy about changing one of my dates when I informed them with plenty of notice that I could not attend. I don't feel that the request was unreasonable, a prohibition on changing the dates was not stipulated in the terms when booking the deal and this has unfortunately put me off booking courses with Dance Buzz.

Verified (?) Visited Jun 2011

Overall it was a great experience. The variety was ok. The instructures seem to know what they are doing, unlike some other places. The venues are great and more or less easy to reach. First class that i tried was street dance at Fitness First Baker Street. It was not really a street dance, and more of a pop/commercial dance class for the beginner level. But because I had a bit of street dance classes since 3 years ago, the class is maybe a bit too basic for me. I was looking for more energetic moves. Second class I had was Zumba. It was really fun and also gave me a lot of work out. Music selection was great. Third class was Samba, a lot of girly booty moves with music mix of hip hop and latin. I am looking forward to try other classes.

Verified (?) Visited May 2011

I absolutely loved the Samba class as the teacher was very enthusiastic and made you really engage; she made you feel confident and just go for it. At the end of this class, I felt relaxed and very Samba'ed out.

With the Street dance I felt just as self-conscious leaving the class as I did entering it; the teacher was very talented and could dance but not too sure about choreography or teaching ability.

Verified (?) Visited May 2011

Lovedddd the Samba - perfect, the teacher was very talented and made the class fun.

Street- the teacher was ok and tended to focus more on a couple of people which wasn't very encouraging.

Verified (?) Visited May 2011

I think the dance teacher could have been a little better. Her style wasn't exactly what I was hoping and I was expecting a bit more attitude. (Street)

The dance teacher was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed the class. (Samba)

Verified (?) Visited May 2011

This class was excellent I went to the class at Esporta Islington and Fitness First and both classes were really enjoyable you got an excellent work out.

The teacher was excellent and really knew her stuff.

I would recommend this class and would go more often it is just difficult to get to Islington with the disruptions on the tube but anyone with easy access to the venue should give it a go.

Verified (?) Visited May 2011

Great location, just by Monument station. The class was good and the teacher was friendly and encouraging even though she was injured and couldn't really show the full extent of each movement or routine. But it was a good taster class, great workout!

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