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Neuro Linguistic programming reviews

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Verified (?) Visited Apr 2015

Bought this for my fiancé and he was happy!
The guy he had was attentive and good at his job, the stones weren't hot so he had another massage which was excellent.

This one treatment has changed my life dramatically! Having suffered panic attacks for years I realized it was time to do something about it as it was affecting my everyday life. I stopped going to busy places because I thought I would have an attack. As soon as I met Sue I felt at ease and had total confidence in her. She has been a godsend and I would recommend her wholeheartedly to any one who is looking to change their lives!

I saw Jason for 6 sessions.

Before is started seeing Jason, a great deal of my time was taken up for most of my life with thoughts and anxieties about food, my weight and my body.

Through NLP Jason helped me identify some of the underlying causes of these anxieties and some of my unhelpful behaviours and thought patterns and helped me to develop new and surprisingly simple strategies and behaviours to replace them. With hypno-therapy I feel like the new behaviours and strategies have become a natural part of me which I now use effortlessly.

I now feel relaxed about my eating. I feel free of the anxiety about food and I feel like I am really enjoying food now without constantly having the conversation in my head about weight gain. I am losing weight without really trying and I am more accepting of my body. Although I embarked on this process with the aim losing weight, the benefits have been a lot broader as I feel that without all the unnecessary conversation in my head about food and weight, I have a lot more space and mental energy to put into enhancing other areas of my life. During this process, weight loss became almost a secondary benefit and the feelings of generalised mindfulness and well being that resulted became the most important benefit.

I cannot recommend Jason’s blend of NLP and hypnotherapy highly enough.

After one session, lifelong nailing biting in the evening is now drastically improved and all minor temptations resisted in the week. Secondary benefit is a major improvement in my Bus-related PTSD. When I get on a bus now my arms become warm & relaxed & I sit back on the journey. Amazing.

Jason really helped me sort out my problems with my relationship to food. I learnt simple and effective steps to help me eat in a conscious way, know when to eat and when not to. I learnt to identify real hunger and to know when I have had enough. Jason is genuine and caring and was very easy to speak to. I highly recommend him when dealing with weight loss and food issues.

Visited Dec 2011

I have visited Rob Pheonix for weight loss managment (hypnotherapy),i have been approx 5 times.I have stuggled all my adult life with weight issues.I was very self conscious,i found Rob extremely genuine and easy to talk to.Rob made an indepth questionaire tailored to me and my individual needs,from this my personal hypnosis started.
At first i felt no different and thought it hadnt worked my weight had been stuck for over 2 yrs,i would loose 7lb then put on 7lb,so when i started loosing i didnt notice at first becouse i wasnt obsessing as usual.by my 4th visit i lost nearly 1 st,so far i have lost 4st 3lb and i feel wonderful!!
I would recommend Rob he really cares and that is rare to find these days.On the plus side i found my depression has eased considerably.
Istill have a way to go but with Rob as my therapist i know im gonna get there ;) Good luck on your individual journeys

I cannot recommend Sara enough. I originally came to visit for hypnotherapy where I thought I would have to have 4-6 visits to solve my problem. I only needed 3 in the end and had a mixture of Hypnotherapy, Timeline therapy, Reiki and NPL. All of which have helped me change my life dramatically, for the better, all in such a short space of time. She had a very calming effect and helped me feel at ease straight away and understood that my problem was very important. I would recommend anyone who needs help in even the most slightest way to visit as you will not be disappointed. I am like a different person now I have finished my treatment and will not hesitate to return in the future if I feel it is needed.


Sue is a compassionate coach and since working with her I've totally changed my life. When I first started working with Sue I was in a place where I had lost all confidence in myself.

I was really struggling to get back into work following having my children. After a few short sessions with Sue, where she worked on my beliefs and changed my mindset using her coaching skills, timeline therapy and her powerful hypnotherapy sessions ( you've got to try them, after one such session -she helped release an emotional block/belief that had been holding me back for years, things really took off for me after that, it was like she flipped a switch). I now run my own successful business doing what I love. Without Sue as my coach, that would still be a dream. I can't recommend Sue Jacques highly enough as her passion, encouragement and straightforward coaching style really has set me on the path of success. Thank you Sue

my husband i have just returned from Amchara,our first detox retreat. we had 7 days at this most tranquil place.
We came away feeling rested, feeling amazing and lost some weight to.
The staff at this place are amazing, nothing is to much trouble, always willing to share their, knowllege. Would like to say a big thanks to Kirsty, Tracy, Simona, Suzie, Aly, also Mike the chef. Anna the raw food chef was amazing, we didn't know you could make so much yummy food with raw food. the Nat Paths, NLP, and treatment therapists are amazing.
The one negative is the house although lovely with a rich history, the decor is very tired and needs some serious money spending on it, this did not detract from our stay though as it was the people there that made it special.
we will return next year and we know we can keep in contact with all the staff if we need any advice to keep up with the good work we have started.

Caz is a supremely talented therapist. In afew sessions I have broken a cycle of pay day loan borrowing which went on for over 10 years...she has concered my fears and helped through a marriage breakdown. I feel mostly that she gave me the insight and confidnece to face my fears, ad gave practical and sound advice on overcoming them. I cannot think of a more enthusiastic and worthy of gratitude therapist. Never before have I felt so strong in myself. Thankyou Caz your a diamond. L x

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