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Verified (?) Visited Jun 2015

The location was a bit confusing as some websites say it is on the third floor, when it is really on the first floor, but the therapist was calm and soothing and discussed mindfulness in a clear and concise way, along with giving me materials to take away and read myself.


Verified (?) Visited Apr 2014

I can't afford to have meditation classes with Julie. She is fantastic person, but it's to expensive. Plus unfortunately that day I was very unwell (strong migraine and other problems..,.
My mind was very far... I was just thinking to come back home.
I can't possible say I have enjoyed the hour, but of course I can't blame Julie.....

Visited Jun 2013

I went to Amchara to drop a dress size in a week and I did. However, I got so much more than that from my time there. I felt cared for and looked after, and educated, and all of the many things I learnt from Yoga with Noelle (I brought the dvd home and continue to do it each day), Tai Chi with Andrew (the same, everyday), Naturopathy with Rhoda, Massages with Steph(best I have ever had), the friends I made and the whole wonderful, 'one minded atmosphere' gave me a feeling of support and happiness that I haven't know for a long time. I will go back to Amchara. I believe the education I had there about stabilising blood sugars to reduce cravings, the reasons for overeating(Andrew), and regular gentle exercise should be on the National Curriculum.
I know I am a better person and better Mother for spending a week at Amchara. I have two very good friends from the trip who I stay in touch with also.
From the bottom of my heart, thankyou so very much for 'resetting my clock' and helping me to look after myself body, mind and spirit, Namaste xxxx

I first came at Karuna`s course without knowing what to expect, as a complete beginner into meditation and his complete guide into mindfulness and meditation was a life changer for me. I did experience some emotional problems in the past 4 years and I can see now how the problems are fading away, how my life is changing week by week. Karuna and Nitima are one of the best people to join in this journey about self knowing, calmness,meditation, mindfulness as they know what they`re doing, they`re fully qualified professionals, you can see from the start they love their job, they dedicate their time with passion and awareness. I would definetely recommend this to every people out there, doesn`t matter whether they experience different problems or they just want to improve the quality of their life, the course will be an absolute gain.

Both Karuna and Nitima are patient and willing to take the time to explain the entire process. This is great for beginners and if you do practice outside sessions you will feel the difference. Will definitely carry on and further my journey into mindfulness and acceptance. The tutors definitely make a difference and do all they can to help.

I would definitely try this out if you are looking for some peace in your life, or you just want a change.

Karuna Priya provides a very calm, caring and safe environment in which to begin to learn some of the various aspects and practices of mindfulness meditation. He follows up the hour long class with a weekly email and a recording which is really helpful in sustaining a home practice. I have found him to be very flexible and accommodating and always available with advice and guidance. It has been a lovely introduction to mindfulness meditation and I would certainly do another course or day retreat with Karuna in the future

Visited Dec 2012

I can only be full of praise for Faisal Ahmed Mian"s and Awais Mian's treatments and approach in their Seven-Heaven's clinic.
I went there for the first time about one year ago when a very bad back pain was stopping me from moving freely. After just one session of Faisal's deep tissue massage I felt as if my body had released a lot of the pain and my tension had eased. I followed this up with Awais' acupuncture and cupping and my spasms basically ceased to nil.
Every time I go there I feel as if I am being very much taken care of and my needs and pains are treated seriously. The atmosphere is calm and professional and Faisal and Awais share a lot of their deep knowledge and teach you to recognise and understand your body rather than just giving a massage to feel good.
I have learned several breathing techniques which have really made a difference to my health.
Faisal's deep tissue massage is the best I ever had as he finds tense areas I didn't even know I had. Afterwards I always feel as if my body is new and in alignment again.
Awais acupuncture is equally amazing. I I once had a swelling on my right foot because of of straining my ankle. The NHS had given me very bad therapeutic training but the swelling didn't go away and it still hurt. After just one session of acupuncture the swelling had gone down to almost normal. It had been swollen for two months before. Awais also introduced me to cupping which I very much enjoy ( even with red marks on my back) as it sucks out a lot of back pain.
I have always been treated with care and respect and always look forward to a session with either of them because I know I will feel very different and great afterwards. I know that they love what they are doing and do it to help others. They have trained their techniques for a long time to be this perfect.
I highly recommend going there and experience the difference to any other treatment.
I also recommend them so positively because they are wonderful people who really care about their patients.
The rooms have just been refurbished and it is easy to find- only 2 minutes from Finsbury Park tube station. The journey from mine ( East End) is worth it every time!

Very nice teacher, helping and understanding.

Verified (?) Visited Nov 2011

I loved it and found it really helped me. From being sceptical I'm totally converted and would recommend meditation to anyone. The ladies who ran the classes were amazing, put everyone totally at ease and really helped. I just wish I could afford to do more...

This was my first detox retreat and I stayed for 3 nights. I think this is the minimum to be effective.

Amchara have created a very peaceful and relaxing atmosphere at Binden, despite the accommodation being a little tired. The staff were very attentive and clearly passionate about what they are doing. The nutrition was excellent, particularly the delicious broth at the end of each day. The yoga was also good - the instructor was very responsive in shaping the content of the sessions to fit guests' requests.

The one advantage Amchara has is that you can arrive and depart on dates that suit you rather than having to fit in with a group.

Overall I would recommend the experience.

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