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I have been participating in Penny's online Life Alignment sessions for the last couple of months and have found them to be wonderfully beneficial. The sessions are supportive and welcoming and even though you cannot see the other women participating you feel a genuine connection and relationship as you move through the sessions and deal with different problems and solutions. Penny sets up the session with intention and shows much awareness and kindness to guide us to finding our own path and answers. As a listener to the person being aligned, you see the obvious applicability to your own life, often with a greater clarity for having it framed in someone else's circumstances. It has promoted a great deal of growth in me, recognising that I have the answers, being conscious of listening to my true self more often and helping me to search, look and listen within much more. I would certainly highly recommend the life alignment sessions with Penny, she shows great insight and care and has guided us with knowledge and understanding to learn so much more about ourselves. A huge thank you.

Life Alignment sessions with Penny are nothing short of brilliant. I had my first session with Penny right after a bad breakup, I was confused, angry, blaming myself and not really understanding why or how it happened. In the session Penny helped me realise a lot about myself, she asked questions that triggered me to use my intuition and answer truthfully without being influenced by my thoughts. Together we worked through the emotions and at the end of the session I felt amazingly better. I had a clear vision of what the breakup of the relationship meant to me, what behavioural patterns contributed to how I was feeling and she gave me tools that I could use to break those patterns. The sessions I have had with her since have always ended in me feeling at ease with what I have previously had problems with and deeply serene. I would recommend anyone to try Life Alignment with Penny as they are truly life changing.

I started working with Penny to improve my fitness and boost my energy, which is working well. What I didn't expect was that Life Alignment would go deeper than that. As a writer, I have had the idea for a book nagging at me for at least 10 years. I suppose I would have admitted, if pressed, that it seemed too big, too ambitious and I was running away from it. Amazingly, with Penny's support and the trigger of some of those sideways-on questions that Life Alignment makes you ask yourself, I am now up to 140,000 words of the book I never thought I would write. Best feeling in the world. Thank you, Penny.

Penny's Life Coaching Sessions were exactly what I need to help me break my negative ways of thinking and assessing situations, which I had built up over many years. Penny is really easy to relate to and trust, you immediately feel at ease and not judged - which is really important when you're questioning deeply engrained behaviours and admit they need to change.
I always walk away from a session lighter in mind and spirit, energised and armed with a confidence that I can bring anything I desire into my life! The rest just happens!!
I particularly like the "lessons" along the way where old habits of negative thoughts or doubts creep back in but Penny is there on the end of the phone to assure you it's your mind rebelling. Her constant reassurance and belief in you and the process is what helps embed the changes.

I was at a turning point in my life and really unsure what I wanted to do next. I had various options and was struggling with what was best, and getting quite stressed about it. I knew of Penny through sports connections and she had told me about her life alignment practice, so when I mentioned my indecision, she suggested that I try it. While I couldn't really see how it would work, I decided to give it a go. I'm so glad that I did, because it was incredibly helpful.

Penny's wonderful, relaxing, calming and really understanding, but she also really got to the root of the issues worrying me, and it was eye-opening. The best way to describe it is that she helped me to clarify exactly how I was feeling and to identify a clear path that I wanted to take. I'm now following that, and I'm feeling really happy and confident that it's the right thing. There are still uncertainties, but where before I was worrying a lot, now I'm feeling pretty relaxed and confident about them. That sounds like a big thing to attribute to the session with Penny, but because she helped me to identify what felt like the right course, I completely do. I can't say how it works, but for me it really did, and I would definitely recommend it.

Life Alignment is a god send it really helps you work on any issues you are facing and clear out the negative energy from it. Penny is a fantastic facilitator her manor and style make you feel so at ease. I would really recommend Penny to anyone transitioning in their life feeling stuck Penny will help you through the period beautifully.

After several Life Alignment sessions with Penny I have managed to process a number of thoughts and feelings from past experiences that were holding me back. Penny guides you through emotions and experiences, helping you to connect with your higher self and to let go of negative connections. She has reminded me of how I want to live my life and given me back the ability to do so.

Visited Jun 2013

I went to Amchara to drop a dress size in a week and I did. However, I got so much more than that from my time there. I felt cared for and looked after, and educated, and all of the many things I learnt from Yoga with Noelle (I brought the dvd home and continue to do it each day), Tai Chi with Andrew (the same, everyday), Naturopathy with Rhoda, Massages with Steph(best I have ever had), the friends I made and the whole wonderful, 'one minded atmosphere' gave me a feeling of support and happiness that I haven't know for a long time. I will go back to Amchara. I believe the education I had there about stabilising blood sugars to reduce cravings, the reasons for overeating(Andrew), and regular gentle exercise should be on the National Curriculum.
I know I am a better person and better Mother for spending a week at Amchara. I have two very good friends from the trip who I stay in touch with also.
From the bottom of my heart, thankyou so very much for 'resetting my clock' and helping me to look after myself body, mind and spirit, Namaste xxxx

Visited Mar 2013

I thought I was just going to lose as much weight as I could in a week, but I came away with so much more than dropping a stone and seeing clear, bright, open eyes when I looked in the mirror. After returning for a further two weeks I can say without hesitation that it has been the most important catalyst for change that I have ever been through, and I don't say this lightly as I have been on quite an epic internal journey of self-healing and discovery over the last couple of years. The internal physical cleanse was, for me, secondary (although incredibly rewarding) to the emotional rewiring which occurred through the osmosis of the educational talks and advice combined with the kind and gentle staff who made the whole experience truly amazing. It's hard to put into words without sounding a bit fluffy and over-emotional, but if you're looking for a kick-start, a re-boot, a guide rope with bag loads of support, and knowledgeable support at that, to get you back on the right tracks then this will do the trick, with enduring effect. Thank you Amchara, I will never forget you!

Jason Demant is kind and caring and very good at listening to my problems and suggesting excellent tools and techniques to help me think differently about things. He helped me with anxiety and insomnia issues

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