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Laser Eye Surgery reviews

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I went into this Laser eye surgery initially with enthusiasm and then with fear and trepidation and regret. I perhaps would have pulled out of the procedure if I hadnt already paid the £3000+ fee. I had opted for the Lasik Intralase (most expensive, quickest and safest method). I was anxious about some bad reviews I had read and the drastic irreversible description of the procedure in the no-nonsense literature the OE give you to read and make you sign. The procedure itself was not that painful though you should read up about it to prepare yourself. The staff were friendly and professional though I detected a hint of impatience at my hesitation and squeamishness. Immediately afterward I was made to wait in a darkened room to recover. The anaesthetic drops soon wore off and the pain and discomfort started. It was very sore but not unbearable. It lasted about 8hrs so dont plan anything in that time. You have to sleep with googles on and put drops in your eyes regularly. My sight is not quite up to 20-20 but it is pretty close and getting better and I only had it done 3 weeks ago. I would recommend this procedure. If you would like a voucher worth £150 I could send it to you if you give me your name and address. My email is thomasrod*omf.net (replace * with @).

Visited Aug 2010

Initially I was concerned about the success of the treatment, would I be able to see as well without glasses and more importantly, would it hurt! but having met with Nina and Mike I was very quickly re-assured that my fears were unfounded. Their professionalism was exceptional with extensive eye tests and examinations and confirmations to verify if treatment was possible. When I was given the go-ahead it was only a few days later that I found myself in the most capable hands of treatment nurses Anne-Marie and Carrie-Anne, laser technician Chris and the brilliant surgeon, Joe Karthikappallil. Within ten to fifteen minutes my world had changed! I could see without the aid of spectacles and over the next few hours my eyesight improved minute by minute. I have nothing but the highest praise for all the staff at Ultralase Manchester. Would I recommend you have it done? You bet I would!

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