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Kickboxing reviews

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Visited Apr 2012

This gym has an intense and motivational energy (most of the gym instructors push you to your limit and the dj's are great for enhancing the ambience) that means you work out harder. I've been to quite a few gyms and feel like the instructors here focus more on your technique and ensure you work harder, they also talk to you and interact with the class more. The front desk staff are really nice too. Great music and a excellent selection of classes (from quirky to hard core). I recommend the Kick boxing class on Saturday, the Wednesday spin class at 6.45pm and the Monday circuit class at 7.30pm.

Paragon gym, deceptive in the sense that it's not only a gym but so much more. I was at this gym for just under a year on/off, leaving due to personal reasons. The teaching is second to none, the community and atmosphere ensure your learning is effortless. The coaches are diverse and orientated in such a way that they'll identify any issues you have before you do.

For kickboxing, Stuart Lawson's not only a master but an inspiring instructor who gives himself to his students without question, a sensei who is honest, loyal and truely gifted.

Also, John Lawson (founder), Hazel Gale, Lisa Kent, Mark Walker, Lorraine Strudwick and Rob Waran are equally equipped to give you the best tuition and bring the best out of you, whether it be in a class or on a one to one basis.

For boxing, Keith Morris can take you from novice to anywhere your capability dictates. He's generous with his time and knowledge as well as his superb technical skills. If you've done any boxing before, this is the coach you wish you'd had, he encapsulates the sweet science.

If you spend enough time at the gym, the people will look after you, you won't realise this place is a gem until you leave.

We wanted something different for our young mums group we certainly recieved it from the confidence academy very fast service tailered to our needs and at a price to fit our budget.
On the day we had an amazing turnout for our group usually we get around the twenty mark we had a personal best of thirty six young mums so that was another big plus for our group.
First stuart the founder gave a short talk about different perceptions of Martialarts and asked us ours quiet enlightening and funny. Then he spoke about knife crime in our area very intersting information and some sad stories that really brought it home for all of us a show of hands with our group alone on being affected by knife crime was scary.then it was time for the physical side of things conflict avoidence body language and how to use it the fence,mind set,proactive antibullying,personal development,character education finished with a game and a short talk on common sense not being so common all of our group myself included were riveted from start to finish a genuine pleasure to host we have booked a goal setting goal getting workshop with the confidence academy and more to follow no hesitation in recomending this company to any individual or group.

Verified (?) Visited Aug 2011

Lovely lady instructor at Kick boxing in Fitness First Pinner, made me comfortable, encouraging and really good overall. I was the only female in class, and i would go back. Gave me a really good overall workout.

Visited Aug 2011

I joined their outdoor fitness boot camp sessions in January in Clapham. It's a great pair of brothers who really know how to make exercise fun. It's brilliant value - you can spend far more going to the gym for less enjoyment and fewer results - I have! Definitely recommend it - it's not just about the exercise, it's about the great group of people who exercise with us also and the laughs we have along the way! P.S. Love the kettlebells and kick-boxing/boxing - and their intensive two-week bootcamps with diet plan are brilliant value for money.

Visited Aug 2011

The Walker Brothers have put together a great workout in the park, incorporating equipment that you won't find in other outdoor classes (kettle bells, TRX, tyres), and the price is right! Sizes are small enough to feel like a personal training session, and the group dynamics are really comfortable and fun. Unlike other outdoor groups I've tried, classes run year round, which means I don't have to scramble to find something else to do after a few weeks' time. I've definitely toned up and feel stronger now that I'm working out with Tim and Steve, and I can't imagine moving on to the other workout groups in the park...

Visited May 2011

"I've signed up to gyms, I've played loads of sports, yet nothing seems to motivate me as much as Walker Bros Fitness."

Visited May 2011

Absolute Pilates is a phenomenal studio! I feel like a kid in a candy store - but one that's actually beneficial for me!

I went with my boyfriend and he loved it to. The pilates class is a real workout! Teachers are fantastic and the ambiance of the studio is great.

Visited May 2011

I have just won the PHD Femme Body Challenge which is a fitness competition for females to transform their bodies in a 12 week period. Lots of females entered the challenge and I was the overhaul winner losing 15.7 kg in the 12 weeks !! I dieted and trained with the team at Gilmores gym in Acocks Green 4-5 days a week doing both kickboxing. boxing and their fitness class on Thursday evenings. The staff are very friendly and encouraging and if you want to work hard they push you the extra mile! Don't be put off thinking its a man's gym this is not true, when you visit the classes you will see there are as many friendly females as there are men, all willing to partner up with you and show you the ropes. My own children also attend the Little Ninjas classes at the gym and they have grown in confidence and fitness. My son who has autism has grown in all aspects of his skills..balance/coordination, his concerntration not only in class but at school too. The staff are encouraging and patient with him and this adds to his learning curve. It is a family friendly place and a hobby everyone can do together. If you just wanted to improve your fitness there will be something for everyone xx

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