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Image Consulting reviews

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Amazing service as always and over the moon with the results! Always made to feel welcome and greeted by a friendly team. Thank you!

Visited Nov 2013

Simply put, they did a really good job and at excellent price. I came in with a picture, they recommended a slight change but otherwise cut it exactly as shown. I will definitely return.

Visited Nov 2013

Me and my friend booked a Boudoir session here on Groupon.
We turned up and had an excellent day, arriving, getting our make up and hair done followed by having our photos tsken by the photographer, she was lovely and was very patiend when we couldn't remember the poses she had given to us 30 seconds before we tried them ourselves! Very enjoyable and this part was so worth the (small) amount of money we had paid. Once we had finished we got dressed, and went into the waiting room where we were given a (confusing) price list and a date the following week to come back and view our photos. What is good is that they open late some nights during the week meaning that you can go after work if needs be.

This is where it starts to go down hill.

We arrived together to view our photos and were greeted by a man (he never introduced himself!) who told us to wait while he set up the room to view the photos. We reminded him of our names 3 times.
We then go into the room and get a half hour spiel of why we want the disc, apparently "there's no two ways of thinking about it", of course we both have just shy of £600 to splash out. All would have been well and good until they turned on the slide show. Me and my friend were in tears over some of the photos that were appearing on the screen. We had orange faces and pure white bodies, weird cut outs (photoshop fails!) and it was all a bit odd. My photos came onto the screen first, near the end of looking at our own "perusal" of my photos, the guy came in and asked what we both did, my friend told him she works in an office to which he responded "what, with a body like that?!" They were not even photos of her!!!! Both inappropriate and also obviously hadn't taken a blind bit of notice in either of us.

Once both of our 105 each (coincidently, although rather just 30 in different effects and close ups) photos had finished - the joyful (not so) man came back in and then once again was pushing for us to get the disc. If I had £600to splash I so would have purchased; purely for the hilarity factor.

My friend chose 1 photo, he was pushing and pushing saying surely out of all of these photos there's more than 1 that you want?! She stood her ground and I then progressed to choose mine, again, a lot of huffing and pushing for me to get more, do I not like this one do I not like that one?! In the end I said my face is a complete different colour to my body and the response I got was..Hmm...it's shadows (?) I don't think so. After being practically bullied into trying to make us think we NEEDED a disc, we left.

I phoned Splash Studios the following morning (Tuesday) to explain I wasn't happy and would like to have another look at my photos to make sure I have chosen the right ones, and was told I would get a call back.
Thursday morning I get a text to say our photos our in (kudos on the speediness of the process by the way!) and later in the day received a phone call from Jane? Who I presume is the manager who practically couldn't have given 2 stuffs about the treatment we had received and even had the cheek to ask if either of us wanted a disc or some more photos and I laughed as I thought she was joking. The conversation basically ended in that if I want to purchase more photos I can but apart from that there's nothing that can be done.
Her attitude stank.

Me and my friend really enjoyed our day here and unfortunatly it has been tainted with the shocking lack of customer care this company seem to offer - bullying tactics?! I think no.

Would never ever recommend this place to anyone. Deeply unprofessional and v. disappointed.

Visited Sep 2013

I bought a voucher for two people which included two prints each, however I was a bit disappointed when I found out that the prints were of us individually, which would mean we had to buy photos of us together. We ended up paying £100 for a CD with 10 photos on! This was an amazing deal as the CD should have been £540!!

We both had our makeup done, and to start with I thought it was too much, however when the photos had been taken and we were viewing them, we just looked like our usual selves, just without the spots which was amazing!

All the staff were really kind, especially the photographer that we had, she gave us great advice and took lovely photos.

Would definitely go back here again.

Visited Aug 2013

Playgirls Hair Studio is the Best of the Best! I love coming here. not just because they all the time give me a 100% perfect look ,but because they are all the time both professional and friendly with us, costumers. Smiling all the time and treat us never just like`an other customers`, but like someone special. I`m not living in London, but i would never go to someone else. My choice is Playgirls Hair Studio. I am traveling quit offend to London and i have been all the time satisfied about the result. Never got some bad treatment from this fantastic girls! I am customer continuously for about at least 6 years! Always got offered lovely coffee, confect, sandwich or chocolate. If you are looking for delux, exclusive treatment, than Playgirls Hair Studio is the place to go, you won`t find better!

Visited Jul 2013

I visited Splash Studios with my family and I can say I enjoyed the whole experience from beginning to end. The staff were friendly and helpful, the photographer was fantastic and so patient with my kids, we had changes of clothes different props coloured backgrounds everything. We then returned to the studio to view our photos a few days later as they are open until 10pm in the evening in the week this was fab, the photos were fantastic, we decided to purchase the disc which was £795 we were given a pack of photos with this also We went for the option of spreading the cost monthly which was interest free, now we have fantastic photos that we have now shared with our family, how people can say this is a con I do not know you get what you pay for n that's quality and a professional service. I would recommend splash to everyone

Visited Feb 2013

I have no need to go anywhere else. I've even started to get my boyfriend coming here and now he is hooked too. Great styling at an affordable price. A happy customer here !!!

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