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Hypnotherapy reviews

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Verified (?) Visited Jul 2015

I wasn't seen till 25mins after my actual apointment time. The staff at the front desk were rude and not really interested, and the waiting area was not the most inviting.


Verified (?) Visited May 2015

Diane was very friendly. Put me at ease. The treatment was very cleverly put together key points embedded in memory. I haven't bought ciggies since the visit.


Verified (?) Visited Apr 2015

It's hard to say how effective the therapy is as they recommend to attend a few sessions. Diane is very friendly and has a realistic approach to things so I hope the therapy was effective :)


Verified (?) Visited Mar 2014

James was extremely professional and easy to speak to.The session was enough time to explore the difficulties I was experiencing.Hypnotherapy was smoothing and relaxing.I will need additional sessions for it to fully help the problems I am experiencing

This one treatment has changed my life dramatically! Having suffered panic attacks for years I realized it was time to do something about it as it was affecting my everyday life. I stopped going to busy places because I thought I would have an attack. As soon as I met Sue I felt at ease and had total confidence in her. She has been a godsend and I would recommend her wholeheartedly to any one who is looking to change their lives!

I have had a number of sessions with Sara including Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing and SRT. I didn't know what to expect, and I was completely surprised by the results.
With my Energy Healing when the energy hit my right knee, I was overwhelmed by the sudden emotion of gratitude that entered my head, my body seemed to vibrate with pins and needles and I unexpectedly found tears rolling down my face.
What I hadn't mentioned to Sara before our session is that I had had knee trouble for the last 21 years in my right knee and in the last 4 years the pain had exacerbated to the point that I could feel the joint twinge at least once or twice a day and numerous times throughout the night.
After the energy treatment I felt buoyant and alive and eager to seize the day. I slept like a log that first night. It has now been 6 weeks since my treatment and I haven't had a single pain in my knee!!! A first for 21 years! it really is incredible and I am so grateful for her healing hands.

I saw Jason for 6 sessions.

Before is started seeing Jason, a great deal of my time was taken up for most of my life with thoughts and anxieties about food, my weight and my body.

Through NLP Jason helped me identify some of the underlying causes of these anxieties and some of my unhelpful behaviours and thought patterns and helped me to develop new and surprisingly simple strategies and behaviours to replace them. With hypno-therapy I feel like the new behaviours and strategies have become a natural part of me which I now use effortlessly.

I now feel relaxed about my eating. I feel free of the anxiety about food and I feel like I am really enjoying food now without constantly having the conversation in my head about weight gain. I am losing weight without really trying and I am more accepting of my body. Although I embarked on this process with the aim losing weight, the benefits have been a lot broader as I feel that without all the unnecessary conversation in my head about food and weight, I have a lot more space and mental energy to put into enhancing other areas of my life. During this process, weight loss became almost a secondary benefit and the feelings of generalised mindfulness and well being that resulted became the most important benefit.

I cannot recommend Jason’s blend of NLP and hypnotherapy highly enough.

Verified (?) Visited Aug 2013

Place was neat and tidy. I was made comfortable by being kept warm. The hypnotherapy was quite an experience and I have yet to see the results over the next few weeks. I am hoping it will be beneficial and try to overcome my long suffering problem.

When I first told my friends I was going to see a hypnotherapist to conquer my fear of flying- boy did they let me have it !! They said all the "look into my eyes" , swinging pendulum jokes etc. it bothered me so much, I almost cancelled my first appointment. Thankfully I didn't ! I was able to fly to Australia to see my son, and granddaughter for the first time. I've been gripped by the fear of flying for 20 years, ever since a traumatic flight. Melody was able to relay my nerves very quickly. I felt very at ease- and there was not a pendulum in sight, I just can't believe it- nor can my wife and friends! After 2 sessions, I was got past my fears. Very happy to recommend Melody's approach.

I was quiet an anxious person always getting nervous not just about new things but things i knew and would still get anxiety, my friend used hypnotherapy to give up smoking and that was 5 months ago so thought I would try hypnotherapy and found this place, which is gorgeous. The hypnotherapist was amazing really considerate knew exactly what to do and made me feel at ease right away, it obviously takes more than one visit but I will definitely be going back as i feel changes already and the price for a life change is not very much at all.

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