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Gua Sha reviews

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Verified (?) Visited Jul 2015

Excellent treatment which is different to they typical massage but still relaxing and felt beneficial afterwards too. Highly recommend Licet and her treatments.

Verified (?) Visited Jun 2015

I had a Well Being Package and have awarded it 5 stars.


Verified (?) Visited Apr 2015

It was a good therapy, however I would of preferred for it to be carried out on a bed rather than a mattress on the floor


I decided to try Gua Sha to help aid a bak injury.
The service I received was very good. Within an hour of booking, the therapist rang me to confirm the appointment and gave me clear directions to the venue.
The therapist was very professional, and took all the necessary medical precautions prior to the treatment.
The venue was relaxing, professional and clean. I enjoyed the treatment, and will book again.
The one thing I should say is that Gua Sha causes bruising on the area you have treated. This isn't a critiscism on the therapist or treatment, it's just something you should know incase you're planning on wearing a strapless dress, or go swimming or something. Just to bear it in mind when booking.
Overall, a very satisfying experience.


A great experience at Dandelion Acupuncture Practice. My practitioner made me feel at ease and my treatment felt really beneficial.

Verified (?) Visited Jan 2015

Brilliant treatment as always. Was a bit scared of trying Gua Sha but there was minimal redness after and my face was glowing and radiant. Also good for tension around the jaw/face.


Such a lovely experience overall. The service was great, the place was nice and the staff was talented. Only the best of recommendations from me.


Verified (?) Visited Jan 2014

This was my first time doing Gus sha. It doesn't hurt at all but I did feel a bit nauseous which I knew could happen going into it. My neck already feels a bit better after first session, and will go back for more.

I had a six week course of weekly massages to help with a chronic pain in my neck. The pain substantially subsided after the third week. I have since gone back regularly as I find the health benefit from cupping, deep tissue massage and acupuncture to be immense.


Ray´s yoga classes are focused on posture and give very good workout. He pays attention to everybody and corrects us to get maximum of his experience. I have not realized until I met him that some of my problems could be connected to very different things. Ray´s treatment is very unique and referred to structural release. He does not treat only consequence but looking for an origin. Ray helped me to feel better physically as well as emotionally. However, first few treatments were not easy. It was quite painful for next couple of days. He explained to me that it was a “healing pain“ and was unavoidable considering the blocks I had. After weeks of regular treatments it became much better. Now, I feel good immediately after the treatment. He offers a lot of different kind of treatments. I had never come across gua sha or cupping and I was very surprised I could see the results on my skin even after the first treatment. He also answers a lot of my questions and explains reasons and connections of his treatment, my training and health diet. This was very important at the beginning before I could see and feel the results.

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