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Functional Training reviews

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Verified (?) Visited Feb 2015

Currently on my 4th week of gym membership and am seeing results. The classes are varied and I'm always pushed to my limit in my personal training sessions. Vibro plates that I've used at other venues are no comparison to these and they make your workout more intense.


Verified (?) Visited Jan 2015

Martin is great, all the classes are challenging and varied and he really motivates everyone. I can tell I've got fitter over the past couple of months!

Visited May 2012

How refreshing...I got to twist, turn, push, pull with some added vibration for good measure and my well deserved cool down, I loved my visit to You Gym and am now a fully signed up member!

As a lover of outside, natural based training works best for me, almost dysfunctional training for functional movement, working with the way my body moves. It's really difficult to find trainers that will work in that manner, so many just write dull and boring exercise cards and expect you to get on with it.

Not only did my training session fly by, there seemed a real sense of belonging and community. The team were attentive to my needs, fun, extremely knowledgable and so friendly to all their guests, fat, thin, young, old, it seems to suit everyone. You have to smile and join in though!

Fantastic, I love it...my thighs are shrinking as we speak!


James is a very focused personal trainer who gives you a great deal of attention. Since going to him he has corrected many things I was previously doing incorrectly to make what I was doing more effective. He tailors his sessions to your needs and is the perfect combination of encouraging and pushing you to your limit. The sessions are always tough which I like and he keeps them interesting so I don’t get bored. The space that we train in is great and with it being private and not in a gym I don’t feel as self conscious as I would in a crowded gym which helps me focus on what I’m doing. I’m looking forward to more sessions!


I had no idea how much fun, how intense and how informative the training would be. I was slightly nervous at first, thinking I wouldn’t be any good at it, but James has a very easy-going, kind and patient manner, works out what you want to achieve and are capable of, and then explains every exercise in detail - why it is good for you and how it will affect your body. He’s made me realise that the cost of training is just a brilliant investment in my own health. Staying fit and healthy has to be the most important thing we can do for ourselves. I’m no spring chicken and I’ve realised that I want to be sure I can keep doing all the things I love doing for as long as I possibly can by being physically fit enough to do them. The studio is light, bright and completely private with some great equipment. It is a wonderful, peaceful environment to work in. James’s head is just crammed with different ways of exercising so you will always discover new ways of pushing yourself and never get bored - which I did when I belonged to a gym. The time goes so fast; I’m always amazed when the session is up, and my sense of achievement and well-being is wonderful and addictive. I am very happy to recommend James as a kind, excellent and knowledgeable trainer.


I started training with James a couple of months ago and I can whole heartedly recommend him. He listened to what I want to achieve from training and each week puts together varied and fast paced sessions. I never thought I would be learning boxing or weightlifting and sweating like never before but I love it. A far cry from the boring repetitiveness of exercising in a gym. Also his studio is quiet, spacious and bright too.
Having had neck and back problems I wanted to find an experienced and knowledgeable personal trainer and James is perfect. He is always focussed on me, checking I am doing the exercises correctly and explains what I need to improve on or change. Hence I feel confident to push myself far harder than I would otherwise.
Ordinarily I don't like exercising for the sake of it but having a personal trainer makes it purposeful and fun. It is also easy to enjoy James's company and before I know it the hour is over and I feel good for having trained so hard.


I found James by a living social voucher special deal. As I liked his style I have booked additional training sessions with him. James listens to what i want by focusing on technique whilst having an intense work out rather then trying to have a burn out session with my weekly work out. This is important as i can go away and use the techniques i have learnt at the gym. His studio is clean and has good equipment for one on one training. He also has clean showering facilities if required. James clearly explains how each workout benefits a particular muscle area. I recommend using James.


After experiencing chronic shoulder pain for years, I booked a session with Strong For Life to see if there was anything I could do that wouldn't involve surgery. It's a good thing I did, because Marcel identified the underlying cause of my pain, and set up a bespoke workout routine for me to help strengthen the specific back and core muscles which are not pulling their weight (literally) and contributing to the spinal imbalance that is causing the problem. He provided clear, easy-to-understand explanations about the problems, and how and why the exercises he prescribed would help. If you have chronic muscle pain, I heartily recommend that you try a session with Strong For Life - you may be surprised about what can be done without medicine or surgery.

Since I came across Marcel I have not considered anyone else for providing me with massage therapy. And strength training advice The convenience of having the treatment From my home is fantastic. Ideally I just focus on the 'magic' Marcel is providing on my back through massage and deep tissue treatments. I love to exercise but have found it very difficult to get the time with my two young children and full time job and for now Marcel is able to eliminate my aches and pains but he also regularly give me hints and tips to stay strong, even without a gym membership. Highly recommend him.


Martin was so helful. I had no confidence or technique prior to our sessions. I can now run 5K comfortably. I have better knowlegde of exercises too. Things I can do at home especially for legs, bum and tummy. Really happy with his service and recommend him to all of my friends & family.

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