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Energy Therapy reviews

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Verified (?) Visited Aug 2015

As always we had an amazing experience, in a calming & relaxing environment with an amazing therapist! Thank you, we'll be back very soon.


Verified (?) Visited Aug 2015

I had a Mi-philosophy Energetic Facelift and 'Bars' Therapy - Book three get a fourth free! and have awarded it 5 stars.


Verified (?) Visited Jun 2015

As always, the treatment was unhurried and given with great care and understanding. The environment is relaxing in itself. I will be back for more and I highly commend Pure Holistic Therapies. Thank you Ladies!


Verified (?) Visited May 2015

This was my first time receiving Energy Retrieval Therapy. I wasn't sure what to expect, so I appreciated that Angel asked me beforehand why I wanted to receive the therapy and what difficulties I had been experiencing. I felt that she held my true interest at heart throughout the session, and she was extremely generous with her time. What I noticed about her was that she didn't want to fix me; instead, she wanted very much for me to learn how to help myself, thereby acting more as a guide than a healer. I would recommend contacting her to discuss treatments before making a decision, especially if you’re new to the kind of work she does. She's an empathic listener and knowledgeable in many forms of energy, sound, soul, and chakra healing, as well as complementary health. It intrigued me that she was equally well acquainted with esoteric and scientific literature on these topics; it made for a very comprehensive session and learning experience! The treatment environment itself is well-ventilated, quiet, and comfortable. I would strongly encourage others to reach out to her if they are genuinely interested in feeling like themselves again or simply wish to become more attuned to who they are, what they want, and what they could accomplish.


Verified (?) Visited Feb 2015

I had a Qi Treatment with a Qi Master and have awarded it 5 stars.

Verified (?) Visited Jan 2015

Everyone should give this treatment a try. It was quite weird at first but I do believe after several treatments you will see the benefits!

Verified (?) Visited Jun 2014

Michelle is a very wise and kind healer. She knows how to heal and can do it very very well.

Visited Sep 2013

I am eternally grateful to Michelle for your healing session on Friday, I have never experienced anything as profound and thoroughly cleansing as your healing treatment. I felt grounded in a way I have not experienced for years and have been a lot less affected by my environment since your session. You are a very gifted healer and I am grateful that my friend found your healing center for my birthday gift. – Cheryl Collins

Visited Aug 2013

Swedish Massage Tokyo is by far the most excellent relaxing massage I've ever had. You have got to try having a massage in the privacy of your hotel room- without a care or a worry just enjoy and then drift off to sleep following your massage. Eva is the therapist's therapist.

Book a massage with her today- you'll be glad you did!


Verified (?) Visited Aug 2012

Great treatment for stopping the negative spiral when you are run down, leading to colds, aches and other illness. The accupressure side of the treatment is comprehensive, but it is the energy side that makes this treatment special. You will leave happier and more able to deal with what life throws at you. Highly recommended.

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