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Verified (?) Visited Feb 2014

Very supportive session which helped me identify some key issues and look at ways to resolve them. Counselor was very attentive and positive even offering some exercises to do at home. Would recommend to anyone looking at working through past issues and problems that might be effecting them now.

Before trying Mind Detox, I found myself focusing heavily on certain mistakes I had made in personal relationships and how it made me feel inadequate. By addressing not just my feelings but my thought processes I realised I had invented new problems and made others worse in my own head. Mind Detox can help you realise the only thing really standing in your way is yourself and your negative self beliefs. But you can choose to view things differently.

I would thoroughly recommend Adam, and his support techniques. He really understood where I was coming from, and had such an empathetic approach to the issues I was dealing with. I think what surprised me most was how fast, powerful and effective his methods were. I will be looking to continue working with him for the foreseeable future.

I must admit I was skeptical of mind detox and the effect it could have on problem areas in my life which were holding me back.

As soon as Adam and I sat down though I was made to feel relaxed and self assured. His friendly and caring nature made me feel at ease and able to take part in the session fully.

Adam is extremely knowledgable, professional and caring in his approach leaving any skepticism behind as I was guided through the session which had an immediate impact.

Days later I was still feeling the effects and am now trying to apply these techniques on a daily basis in both my work and personal life to continue to see improvements.

My session with Adam really made me think about some events in the past that I had been carrying with me for many years. I hadn't realised my subtle negative beliefs towards work and having enough money was controlling my life in an emotionally detrimental way. He helped me to realise this belief was out of perspective.

Since my session I have had a more open and constructive relationship with members of my immediate family and have discussed these issues and the reason behind them with my family. I don't feel as anxious as I was and appear to have let go of anxieties that were holding me back.

Thank you Adam for helping me to face and overcome these hurdles.

I went to Wandsworth to deal with my stress and insomnia, and after my first session i was able to sleep better. I decided to take two further sessions and i feel so much better for it..

I have had several resonance repatterning sessions with Jo and after each one I feel AMAZING, I started seeing Jo when like many mums you have feelings of guilt, and question if you are doing the right things by your children....being a parent is such a huge responsibility! After my sessions I felt so light and 'in the moment' an amazing feeling and as a result I have a more relaxed relationship with my daughter.

The last time I visited Jo I tried Emotrance, it is similar to resonance repatterning but more DIY a very powerful tool to have under your belt for times when you don't have Jo on tap :) Would highly recommend.

I started seeing Jo in February this year following the death of my dad last September having been diagnosed 8 months previously with a terminal disease.
At first I was adamant I didn't need any help but as the months passed I began to deteriorate and every day was dominated by my overwhelming sadness and getting through each day became a struggle.
Jo is friendly, warm and nothing I say ever suprises her! After every session I feel lighter, more positive and we have got to the point where I now want to be happy and only have the odd down day.
I know it would have taken me years to get to this point without Jo's help whereas I am here in just months. I still have a way to go but I will continue to see Jo and I know I will get to where I want to be.
I would (and do) recommend Jo to everyone!

I have been having Resonance Repatterning sessions with Jo for over a year now and I can honestly say it's the best thing I've ever done - it's completely changed my life.

I've tried most things in the past, healing, EFT and a whole host of other holistic therapies but the thing I love about RR is it gets right to the point and any issues simply disappear...

Jo is warm, friendly and totally non-judgemental and I've told her things I've never uttered to anyone.

As a result I feel calmer, happier and more at peace than I ever have in my life. I've finally done the things I've always wanted to such as written a book and taken on new projects. Yes of course I've done the work but the sessions with Jo have given me the push I needed to move forward.

I couldn't recommend the sessions highly enough.

Visited Apr 2012

I experienced my first 5 day detox at Simply Healing several years ago...I did a thorough research before committing. I was looking for that special something...definitely not a spa or a cold clinical place. Obviously SH had some amazing write ups but what hooked me was the fact you can have all the treatments...detoxing herbs and colonic under one super cozy roof. I was not disappointed. As soon as I met Vivien I knew I had come to the right house. And what a house! I love old english piles with real fires, the beautiful big old trees outside..and the sense of peace. I left feeling lighter, brighter and completely healed mentally and physically. Spirituality is not for everyone but it is there if you want it. I cannot recommend Vivien's healing powers highly enough. I've met many who say they are healers...listeners etc. Rarely do you find one who is so powerful and no nonsense in the same package. Needless to say I travel to Simply Healing once or twice a year from Spain - I can't live without it. I had a long weekend there in April with my friend and will be going to do the five day package this week. I have to say the five day package is the one. The weekend too was fantastic but I didn't feel I had quite got to the place I get to with the extra day or two. Every time I go I think 'what do I wish to clear up this time'...and it always comes to me and with the juices, herbs...meditation and Vivien's special table I leave with everything sorted out physically and emotionally. I was shocked to read a person's really negative review on this site. Obviously she just didn't 'get' what Simply Healing is all about. It is healing...as simple as THAT. Go on...dive in...you'll come up renewed, refreshed and super calm.

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