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Craniosacral Therapy

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Welcome to Craniosacral Therapy central: Learn, share your experiences, read reviews, find the best deals, places and craniosacral therapy practitioners anywhere and everywhere.

It’s not just the fluid you drink that can keep your health buoyant. Craniosacral therapy aims to...

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Craniosacral Therapy

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Latest craniosacral therapy review

Visited Apr 2011

I visited Grayshott Spa for 1 night over the Easter weekend and it was utter bliss. I went with my cousin as we had both been pretty stressed out recently and wanted some chill out time toghether. She is a mum and never really stops. It did actually take her a good few hours to chill out but she got there in the end...

We got there a little later than planned on the day of check in due to traffic, we were flustered and absolutely starving. We had missed the lunch service but the staff very kindly made us some delicious salads. We tucked into to a great selection of salad dishes, all served beautifully. We even managed to squeeze in a very healthy but yummy dessert of rhubard and yoghurt with honey. We unpacked and then I went off for my treatments. I had a food intolerance test and cranial osteopathy planned, two treatments I had been wanting to try for quite some time.

My food intolerance test was with a lovely lady called Paula. She has a degree in Nutrition and has a wealth of experience in her field. We had a talk about the food I eat why I had booked the treatment. I am constantly bloated and uncomfortable after I eat, even when I eat a very small amount. She predicted that my system was not producing enough enzymes. Then the test began, I held a metal stick in one hand and she tapped my finger on my other hand to test each type of food that the computer has recorded. The good news is that I am tolerant to all foods, I was worried she was going to tell me I can't eat pasta or dairy which are two of my favourite things. She then tested for vitamins and minerals and if my system is producing enough of everything, everything was fine except the enzymes. Apparantly my body is not producing enough so only 80% of my food is being digested properly, the remaining 20% just kind of sits there all the time, hence why I am always bloated. It was a massive weight off my mind! Paula recommended a one month dosage of digestive aids which kick start your bodies ability to produce enzymes. After that you don't need to keep taking them, your body takes over.

I then had Cranial Osteopathy. I had an amazing therapist called Catherine who explained how the treatment can affect you. This treatment is very holistic and you have to relax. If you are open to the power of holistic therapy you do get more out of it. After we stopped chatting I closed my eyes and I actually felt like I was spinning, it was a very surreal feeling as she was just holding my head. She then moved to my feet, she said I had a very busy mind (this is so true) and said I needed to be grounded. She held my feet for some time and then moved back to my head. I found it very relaxing. I think the main goal for this treatment is to re-align you. I think I would like to have it again to see how I react next time.

I then went for a swim in the pool, it was really peaceful. I used the sauna and the steam room and felt very relaxed. There is also an outdoor pool. There are sun loungers all over the grounds, the weather was gorgeous so I made the most of the outdoors. The grounds are stunning, it so peaceful and the view is lovely. Bunny rabbits and birds were all around too so it was all very relaxing.

We then sat down to dinner. The food was delicious. The portions are not massive but the food was so tasty that I didn't mind. We also had a bottle of wine, I like that alcohol is available so you can still enjoy yourself without feeling you are deprived. There is also a sharers table for those who are at the spa alone so they have someone to sit with, I thought that was so thoughtful.

We had a lovely spacious room with a great view of the field, overlooking the back terrace. It was so comfortable and we even borrowed a DVD from reception to watch before bed.

The next day we had a lovely breakfast and had our final treatments. Mine was a de stress massage. It was a little painful at times due to the tension in my back but again my therapist was very helpful and even recommended some exercises to do while I am at my desk.

After a little more sunbathing followed by lunch we had to leave...I felt so chilled out by then and I really did not want to go home!

The staff were absolutely amazing, they were all so friendly and helpful and did all they could to ensure we relaxed from the minute we arrived to the moment we left. The food was wonderful and I felt good that I had eaten so healthily for the duration of the stay. The building and spa itself are also very comfortable and very modern, no chintz in sight!

I would definitely visit Grayshott again. It totally delievers rest, relaxation, pampering and above all a healthy approach to lifestyle.

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