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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy reviews

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Visited Mar 2012

Having had three sessions of Hypno with Wajeeha, I can safely say that it was a developmental experience. It's early days to speak of any major "visible" changes, but it's clear that she is dedicated to her work, and that I have felt supported and nourished from the sessions. Any therapy work is a shared venture between the client and the therapist, and I have my part to play in the coming weeks.

Wajeeha brings a comfortable, relaxing and focussed, open energy to the room, and this is conducive to an effective treatment. I will most likely be seeing her for a follow-up session at some point in the next few weeks.

I do not have any previous experience of Hypnotherapy, so no "comparison" type angle is possible.

My gratitude goes to Wajeeha for her help - a large injection of positivity was most welcome!


Met Joshua Aadi at my law firm's sponsored Executive Leadership course which Aadi organized and managed. Some time later, Aadi was highly recommended to me by my law firm's occupational health professional when I was under their care for work related stress, clinical depression and panic attacks. This was affecting me mentally, emotionally and also my marriage and children. I would not be amiss to say that Aadi really worked with me from the start till I had resolved all the issues and worked these out using his Life Management Program until I could cope with my stress, work burdens, my marriage problems and life stresses and was completely healed from panic attacks and the night time sweats. I am so happy to recommend Aadi to anyone who wishes to resolve their life issues and turn a positive new page in their life.


I struggled with weight and health issues related to it since childhood and I had a lot of anger issues and other issues from my upbringing which affected my physical health and my mental health. Having been on antidepressants and having tried every recourse, I was recommended by my private physician to go to Aadi for the issues I was dealing with, I was skeptic having spent so much money and effort after so many therapists and therapies. I saw Aadi and having started his counselling and coaching programme, I started to see positive changes, he worked with me and dealt with my incessant questions and doubts while never once losing his cool. I found him to be all embracing, compassionate and a therapist and coach with a heart and not superficial, I stayed on with him working out my various issues and finally had many breakthroughs having dealt with my problems, my issues and my life generally. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for effective life changes and permanent breakthroughs and am so happy to have met him.


Aadi has been an absolute delight to talk to, I had coaching and various therapies regarding my personal issues and it allowed me to handle certain family and life difficulties during a particularly bad time for me when Aadi provided wise counsel, guidance, and expert coaching with ingenious and breakthrough techniques and coping mechanisms for me to handle myself, my mind and my life - all of which were fearfully about to fall apart. As a barrister I had seen clients under immense stress during their cases, I never found myself having to be the one seeking solution to my stress and the tell tale signs of my declining emotional health made me look for a solution giver who was discreet, professional and confidential and understood me than looked at the clock or saw me as a walking chequebook.

I would recommend Aadi if you want an expert professional who is experienced and who has compassion in his heart and excellent listening skills with a penchant for providing effective solution.

Brilliant. She is very friendly, calm and warm and is easy to speak to. She is the best I have found yet and is very professional.


One of the best experiences I have had to date! Would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking to de stress!

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