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Camouflage Make-up reviews

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Verified (?) Visited Nov 2014

I decided to try this place based on other reviews and I thought the price for express make-up was really good.
The location is about a 7 minute walk from Leytonstone tube/bus station.
The salon is quite busy and very cozy.
I was welcomed from the moment I entered .
The receptionist offered me tea as I arrived slightly early.
Make-up made by make up artist was just perfect! She is very professional.
I left the salon feeling wonderfull!
Also I had consultation with creative director about my hair colour so I am coming to change it! I can't wait to come back to this place!
I shall highly recommend all team to my friends and work colleagues.


Verified (?) Visited Nov 2014

I had booked this place through a recommendation several of months ago! Always love going to this salon, staff are super friendly and the salon is lovely, cozy and so chilled. They always offer me glass of wine. Would recommend booking with Valery for any make up, she's fab and does a fantastic job . All other staff do a very good job, very attentive and carefully. I wouldn't go anywhere else in London. Thank you many times guys for great experience!


Verified (?) Visited Oct 2014

I found this saloon via the Wahanda website… I had been looking for a saloon I could use that was near to me for a while… I've had really bad experiences with hairdressers in the past and was always nervous about going to a new one. First appointment I made via Wahanda I had to cancel as I came down very ill. The saloon receptionist spoke to me over the phone and said I could rearrange any time I wanted.. She was very lovely. Visited the salon today for the Full Head colour, cut and blow dry deal.

I had home coloured by hair black for years, so lots of build up colour on my hair… as you now black being the very worst colour to get rid on… my stylist was the lovely Eva. I had a long chat with her and Emily about what to do about my hair… due to the black in my hair, it had to go and bleaching was the only way of getting rid…

I explained how nervous I was about bleaching my hair and how concerned I was about subsequent damage to it… Both Eva and Emily explained in full the reasons behind why I had to get this done… and also as it wasn't part of the deal I would have to pay extra to have this removed at a cost of £40.00. I was not forced into doing this and was told if I didn't wish to bleach it I didn't have too… but if I wanted to go red it was the only way to go…

I was more then happy to have the bleaching done and Eva who was very lovely and friendly talked me through the whole process I didn't feel nervous I knew I was in good hands… Got a lovely cup of coffee while I was waiting for the bleach to take effect… We talked about my choice of colour… Eva gave her opinion about what kind of red she thought I should go with… but again… this was not forced on me and I opted for a differing shade of red to what she suggested, but I wasn't made to feel I'd made the wrong choice…

I had my colour and my shampoo and then a cut… again always nervy time at a hairdressers.. as "one inch off please" sometimes means two or three inches with some hairdressers! Bur again Eva was mindful that I only wanted the bare minimum removed and true to her word one inch removed.

The whole experience was wonderful, I am so pleased with the result, I can't thank Eva enough… I have already booked by follow-up appointment for end of November to have my colour re-done and also a Brazilian blow-dry…. all-in-all a great hairdressers.. and believe me when I say I am one fussy chick!

We didnt even make it to the studio. After 2 weeks of trying to cancel the booking, and lots of promised call backs from managers that didnt happen. i was then told i would be charged a cancellation and no show fee of £250!! After cancelling the card and many snotty emails to double take i received a call this evening. Finally got the message through that they will not be charging my card after all we had been trying to cancel this for 2 weeks! The guy i spoke to was rude, wanted me to go to london from huddersfield to listen to the call recordings where Kevin had said that i would be fully refunded providing we cancelled before the day. When i asked him to pay for my train fayre and accomodation, he declined. Wouldnt play the call down the phone and wouldnt send in an email. The outcome was, 'we wont charge your card but you wont receive the £50 booking fee back', i said thats all ive asked from day 1!!!! he then advised that if i wanted to go ahead with the experience on a different day, i could book this with no charge and the £50 will be refunded once attended......

Excuse me but why would i book again with you when ive received such appauling service?!!!!

Dont book it guys, all just a con if you ask me.

Well I can tell you that Double Take certainly does what it says on the tin! I have never done so many double takes in my life.
I did a double take when I saw the studio that was disorganized and a total mess. I did another double take after I had my hair done, it was dreadful and despite 45 minutes of them styling it it looked less attractive than it did when I waked in on a particularly blustery day. I did another double take when I looked in the mirror at my so called professional make up that looked more like my 4 year old daughter had done it with her crayons and I did yet another double take when I saw the pictures that were frankly rubbish. The biggest double take of all was when I saw the price of the pictures! Daylight robbery! The four hour experience turned into 6 hours because they seemed to be short staffed and we had an endless wait in between treatments, we were not offered any refreshments at all and we had to go out to get food and drinks ourselves because we were going to fall over from thirst and hunger.
My friend and I had spent weeks looking forward to our makeover and it turned out to be one of the worst days of my life.
The staff were rude, all bar the make up lady who was very friendly despite her incompetence, no attention was paid what so ever to what we wanted and how we wanted to look, and no attempt was made to apologize for the totally unacceptable waiting around time either.
The photographer seemed to know what he was doing but we only got to have photographs taken in two of the four outfits we had chosen to take along for the pictures, he said he had got enough material from the first two outfits which in my opinion is completely besides the point.
The viewing session was a total joke and we did not have the opportunity to spent time choosing the shots we wanted and to make matters even worse they pushed us so hard into buying all of them I was half expecting them to put guns to our heads.
In the end I walked out, without any of the pictures and went to the nearest department store, brought some make up remover and removed the comic relief type make up they had put all over my face.
Don’t use Double Take; you would get a better makeover in the chimpanzee section of the zoo!


My best friend Rani recommended and even paid the full bridal package for me as my wedding gift. I was a little unsure especially on my big day but I needn't worry. The reaction from everyone was just WOW! Felt really, really special. What I really loved was that Mariam really listened and I looked exactly like I wanted to.

My special look is now preserved in our wedding photos forever, thank you so much Rani owe you big time.

I have been thrilled by Iwona's service. Professional introduction and free trial make-up during consultation have convinced me I want to have it implemented permanently. The final result though, exceeded my expectations! She is very talented, has professional artistic educational background, flair for beauty and very skilled hands. Thank you. Teresa

I was very lucky to have summera do my wedding photography as well as my makeup for all occasions! She used the best products to give me different looks for each event, and my skin looked flawless. Most of all my makeup stayed intact all night and the photographs too came out excellent ! We were given a wide range of high quality photos to choose from and I particulary admired the portraits from the outdoor shoot. Very professional young woman who will go out of her way to give the client a personable experience within affordable packages. Definitely recommend to all! Thanks sum!

Absolute flawless makeup! Loved everything about it. Beautiful eye makeup and clean finish! Doesn't look cakey what so ever. My new makeup artists now! Highly Reccomend everyone!! So pleased

I had my makeup done and wow did i get loads of compliments that night ..... i looked just as good on camera as off thank you !i will definetly be booking again !

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