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Breathing Techniques

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Welcome to Breathing Techniques central: Learn, share your experiences, read reviews, find the best deals, places and breathing techniques practitioners anywhere and everywhere.

Breathe in...and breathe out. We all know that taking a deep breath in times of stress can help us...

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Breathing Techniques

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Asked by Jade8 2 years  ago.

6 answers

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Visited Dec 2012

Three years ago I decided to get fit, but GYM wasn't the answer. Being a lover of Taoism, it only felt natural to take up Tai Chi lessons. The Universe called upon and sent me to "The Seven Heavens Clinic" where I met my personal trainer Faisal Mian. Little did I know at the time the importance of breathing exercises, something so simple yet so profound. Little by little I began to learn how to breathe, how to stand, how to walk, how to centre myself, etc. Every lesson which I had, brought me closer to myself...I realised that the nature of martial art was much more than just a sport. My soul thrived in it, even though my body was out of sinc. To bring the mind, body and soul together was the most difficult task I ever had. Faisal is inspiring, sensitive, motivational and resourceful in teaching...never dull. There where times when I would be in fits of giggles because I just couldn't get the new movements right...but he would always find a way to ground the "childlike" student. A good Tai Chi teacher is not just a good fighter, he is creative, patient and understanding. And Faisal is all that and more.

Apart from training, this heavenly clinic became a place where I found more help on health matters. Working in demanding retail environment, stress is present frequently. Sometimes I would be so tired that I didn't even have the energy to practice qi-gung at home. During those times I needed help from an outer source and the answer was "The Seven Heavens Clinic". Faisal knows his students well, and finds the appropriate treatment to help them bring balance in aligning their energy. When our energy is not aligned and balanced, we are not able to perform correctly our daily tasks and cope with daily stresses. Deep tissue massage is very profound because it helps to unblock the stuck yin energy, it also helps with blood circulation and it works the lazy muscles which I didn't even know I had...ha ha ha. Highly recommended.

Then 2 years ago, I had a pulled ligament on my right arm. The pain was bizarre because it felt like it started from the shoulder and then it worked its way down my hand. I thought it would go away in few days...not so...one morning I noticed that I was not able to hold even my hairbrush properly, couldn't lift the glass of water, the simple movements became restricted and I became very unhappy. That was the time when I was introduced to Faisal's brother Awais. I was booked for 6 accupuncture treatments. I try to avoid visits to GP as much as possible. Holistic treatments have become the essential way of treating body ailments. Awais is very professional and sensitive towards clients. He would combine the accupuncture treatment with cupping and gentle massage to relax the muscles. Accupuncture has also helped me balance anxiety due to hormonal changes and the pain on my arm has gone.

Faisal and Awais provide teachings and treatments tailored for students and clients. With their help I have learned how to listen to my body when it speaks to me through any discomfort. Both of them have given me faith on chosing a holistic treatment first. I always recommend this clinic to my friends and one of them has become a regular visitor for accupuncture. She said to me one day: The day you told me to call Awais and book a treatment with him, was the day that my life changed. Her back pain has been ongoing for few years, and now she is really enjoying her accupuncture treatments. In the west, holistic treatments have been very slow on being accepted, but all this is changing as people can see for themselves how alternative treatment is more natural than medical help, when aproppriate of course.

My visits to this heavenly clinic are not just visits for training and treatments, they are also educational. For people who are not afraid to get to know themselves better in mind, body and soul, then this is the place to visit.

I highly recommend:)

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