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Verified (?) Visited Jan 2015

Martin is great, all the classes are challenging and varied and he really motivates everyone. I can tell I've got fitter over the past couple of months!


Verified (?) Visited Sep 2014

Good experience, good staff! Would recommend it to everyone who wants to be fit ans try a new experience ar the gym


Verified (?) Visited Feb 2014

This was a brilliant experience. The instructional staff were first rate, treating us all equally irrespective of age, shape, size or fitness level, and were very supportive. It was extremely hard going, but then I didn't go for it to be easy. I found out how hard I could push myself and realise this is not just the sort of activity for the superfit, as long as you are prepared to put in the effort. I met some lovely people who I hope to keep in touch with, and certainly plan to keep up the exercise regime I have kick-started.


Verified (?) Visited Feb 2014

Excellent bootcamp. Exactly the kickstart I needed for this years fitness goals.

Will also visit the YHA hostel again, but not at half-term.

Visited Sep 2013

I have been to North London Boxing Club and loved their classes and the personal trainings I had. I would definitely recommend it.

It was great however it depends what you expect from a fotness boxing session.it is not "girly"at all,and not necessarily designed for beginners.The instructors are great and try to puch you and give you uselful tips etc.Fitness First facilities are not my cup of tea but if you go there for a good sweat and an efficient work out you're in the right place.

Visited Oct 2012

Bootcamp for me was awesome ! My fitness levels have improved the staff are great.
I recieved a great welcome from all. loved all the fitness classes the best for me is the fast working trek we did through the lovely heart of the national forest.
The food was great it showed me a better way of eating more heathly i will take these benefits away with me and apply them to my new healthy lifestyle.....Ive even managed to now give up smoking too well done bootcamp brothers you have made my life better !

Visited Jun 2012

Definately recommend MW5fitness! I have been signed up to a number of gyms and i can't motivate myself and get bored easily. So when i was recommended MW5Fitness by a friend i've never been so motivated and actually enjoyed exercising! Every session is different, working on different parts of your body. Although the sessions are hard work but enjoyable at the same time!

Visited Jun 2012

My Girlfriend bought me this deal from Wahanda for 10 hours personal training. I've been a little bit down lately after losing my job and she thought this would cheer me up and get some energy back into my life. I'm 7 classes in and feel miles better already, theres nothing quite like the buzz you get from excercise and i'm glad i've got that back. At the moment i'm going for loads of interviews so my training works around my free time not his. Martin is very dedictaed to his work and pushes me to my limit and then some, great personal trainer.

Visited Mar 2012

At Fitbody Fitmind you get whatever you set out to achieve. By this I mean that you can enjoy a workout at your own speed and choice of routine or you can employ the skills of the seasoned trainers. Ian and Jill have immense experience and knowhow in many areas of fitness, both physically and mentally. The staff at Fitbody Fitmind pull no punches in getting you to the level you seek and do not do things by halves when attaching themselves to your ambition and potential. All sports fitness can be enhanced here and sports such as boxing and other combat sports are catered for in an atmoshere of competition and whole hearted support for the athlete. Without a doubt, this gym is the best in Sunderland and I have visited many in my time both as an instructor and trainer. You can access speciality training or basic training and get support and advice on all aspects of fitness every athlete needs to become the best they can.

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