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Bikram Yoga reviews

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Visited Oct 2013

This place is wonderful; it feels like different dimension.I went after work for Bikram Yoga and must say it is heaven felt so relaxed and cured for a long time. At first was welcomes with great staff working there and lovely sensual scents of candles were lightened up all over the place
wonderful smell !
Will be defiantly coming back soon....

Visited Oct 2013

Don't understand why people complain since every time I come to Old Street Studio, I was greeted by very helpful receptionist. I booked all my classes online and the teachers are wonderful. They have got great shower room as well. The price is cheap but the service quality is superb

Visited May 2013

I have been going to fitness on fire for about a year now and I really love it there, it's close to Old st tube station and it's also great value for money. If you want high end facilities then this is not the place for you there's only 3 showers in each changing room, but at present there are 2 in the men's changing room because 1 of the showers has been broken for about a year now (poor) for all the people who view yoga has a means of loosing weight then I would suggest that you go to ude's classes, his classes are always busy. If you want something a bit closer to the spiritual side of yoga I would suggest Austeja for a fun physical workout/challenging I would say Gabrielle or Victoria, if you want to try out some advanced postures Patrizia is the teacher, my personal favourite is Austeja for me she teaches yoga were it is supposed to come from but that's just a personal thing, overall the teachers are good. In summarising, good location, good venue, not so good facilities, Ambience improving all the time, Teachers great, Value for your pound fantastic! this place is what you make it, you get what you pay for, you can love it or hate it, I choose love... Come on down.

Verified (?) Visited Feb 2013

As far as Bickram studios go this one is rather good. The changing areas and WC’s are spacious and clean. They are a little on the cold side however this is nice after the class. If you go expecting a high street gym studio then you will be disappointed however if you are familiar with the standard of bickram studios in London you will be pleased. The studio is a good size and as I attended the women’s only class on Sunday and there were only 7 people in the class there was plenty of room. The air in the studio is regular and it is not too hot.

It is a little difficult to locate the studio from the outside. But after walking around twice I found out that there is a bell on the main front door which lets you in. As soon as you enter you know you are in the right place as the smell of sweat and shoes hits you 

A negative is that you are charged £1 for a mat, this is a bit cheeky when you have paid for the class.

I will definitely go again !

This was my first time trying out Bikram yoga after being recommended by a friend to try it out. The person taking the was very knowledgeable and passionate and I felt great after the class had finished! I would definitely recommend going to this venue!

Great venue and the teacher was amazing, after hearing about this venue on from twitter I could not wait to try the class. Loved it and now i'm a member.

Verified (?) Visited Aug 2012

Great offer, great place, well located and very welcoming teachers and staff. Appeals to all levels of yoga and is a great work out. The only down side is the classes get booked up very very fast so for most you have to wait at least 3 weeks to get on the busiest evening slots.

I was curious about Bikram Yoga as my freind has been talking about it for ages. Im a total convert the teacher was amazing, and very passionate about teaching us the best way to do the poses. I felt amazing afterwards.

Verified (?) Visited Jul 2012

This deal was a real bargain, classes are available throughout the day so you can fit it in to your schedule. Also the yoga centre is really easy to get too.

Verified (?) Visited Jun 2012

Expected better customer service.
I also think this form of yoga is very body centric. It certainly did my physical body good, but not so muich in terms of generating a calming, organic impact of engaging body, mind and soul.

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