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Ashtanga Yoga reviews

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Visited Oct 2013

I have been FOF's client for years and I'm absolutely happy with the service provided. Recently they have opened new studio in Fulham, which is more convenient for me since I live nearby. They are still improving the new studio but the quality of the hot yoga class I received is just the same as the Old Street studio. Highly recommended!

Visited Oct 2013

This place is such good value for money, and the price does not reflect the quality of teaching. You don't have to be flexible or a dancer to enjoy these classes- you improve at your own rate and feel great doing it!

Visited May 2013

I have been going to fitness on fire for about a year now and I really love it there, it's close to Old st tube station and it's also great value for money. If you want high end facilities then this is not the place for you there's only 3 showers in each changing room, but at present there are 2 in the men's changing room because 1 of the showers has been broken for about a year now (poor) for all the people who view yoga has a means of loosing weight then I would suggest that you go to ude's classes, his classes are always busy. If you want something a bit closer to the spiritual side of yoga I would suggest Austeja for a fun physical workout/challenging I would say Gabrielle or Victoria, if you want to try out some advanced postures Patrizia is the teacher, my personal favourite is Austeja for me she teaches yoga were it is supposed to come from but that's just a personal thing, overall the teachers are good. In summarising, good location, good venue, not so good facilities, Ambience improving all the time, Teachers great, Value for your pound fantastic! this place is what you make it, you get what you pay for, you can love it or hate it, I choose love... Come on down.

Visited Oct 2012

I have tried and conquered an hour of challenging hot ashtanga (as they call it) and I feel brilliant. I bought this e-voucher a week ago as a gift for my self and my girlfriend and would recommend to anyone. not only was it enjoyable but also extremely affordable, especially when compared with the other yoga studios in the area.
warm teachers, good facility and great yoga community made it all very worth while!

Visited Oct 2012

First and foremost, I was pleasantly surpirised by the simple approach to yoga which is refreshing to say the least. After having visited a number other facilities it is clear that fitnessonfire have got it just right! It was yoga without the frills and the teachers realised that it was just as much to do with the fitness as it was to with the spiritual benefits. The reason I went was to lose weight, which may I add simply fell off me in the heat of the studio! I now go 3 times a week and not only feel great but have also made a number of new friends who like me can escape the stress of the real world by jumping into the yoga practice.
With love,

Visited Sep 2012

hi there! For many years of yoga practice I have realised the importance of determination and time investing for your mind and body. Recently, my girlfriend has recommend me a yoga studio based in old street, where I work close by, which is perfect for me. Pleasant joy after yoga workout and relaxation is garanteed, do not limit yourself with morning sessions are 90 min long are great for starting your day fresh!

Verified (?) Visited Aug 2012

Great offer, great place, well located and very welcoming teachers and staff. Appeals to all levels of yoga and is a great work out. The only down side is the classes get booked up very very fast so for most you have to wait at least 3 weeks to get on the busiest evening slots.

Visited Jul 2010

The rudest lady I have ever dealt with....she will hang up on you if she doesn't want to talk to you and send you abusive emails. Not really the right approach for a company promoting a "happy, healthy and progressive life". Don't even bother!


Verified (?) Visited Sep 2008

I took a beginners class in Ashtanga Yoga at Triyoga and came away disappointed. This place has an amazing reputation and I really had expected more. The teacher is really good and she is clearly very experienced but the teaching is let down by the facilities.

When you arrive you are gruffly greeted by the staff at the front desk who tell you to take off your shoes and wait. I wanted to buy some yoga pants but no one offered to help me -- I was on my own. Meanwhile, you have 30 people waiting in the hallway to start the class. The changing room is small and simply not designed for classes this big.

I have not visited the other triyoga locations but the one in Soho features one large yoga studio. Its an attractive enough space with exposed beams and high ceilings but the classes are big and the room is simply too crowded. To make matter worse, they don't open windows so with 30-40 people crammed into a room doing their sun salutations, the place gets hot and smelly really quickly. You could almost classify it a bikram yoga class! I know that the ambience isn't everything but I think its really important for things like yoga and it just doesn't get you to relax. The courses are definitely good value but I think I would prefer to pay just a little bit more to get a smaller class.

All that being said, the choice of Yoga classes is impressive, the teachers are excellent and its pretty good value. I will keep going because its convenient and I enjoy the teacher but I really think they should keep their classes to half the size and send their staff on a yoga course -- they need to relax!

truly desappointed! I paid one year in advance. Before signing up I asked a few key questions as I knew they were important points to me:

1) I asked if I could freeze the account when away on a business trip. The answer was yes, but it later transpired they lied as I was never allowed to freeze account just before a business trip.

2) I asked about the tennis court. They accomodated my requests...so they said they would have done. but once I signed the contract and paid, I was faced with a coach that would not always show up. so much so that he still ows me £50 for a session i showed up for but he did not. Also some of the preconditions initially agreed on regarding booking two hours in one go, where not agreed after I paid.

2) I tried to contact the manager but he was never available and NEVER bothered to return any of my calls.

3) I also had a personal trainer; Rebecca (what a scam sorry). before paying for personal training I made a point of saying how I can only do 8am and she said no problem. once i paid, accomodating my 8am booking was too much to ask. The few sessions we had were nothing special and she seemed too interested to bitch about other female members of the gym (especially the slim one) than truly comit to training me. Because of the resistence in accomodating 8am sessions, I dropped out for a bit as work took over and she could not fit me in at 8am. Once I returned she said it was too late to claim sessions. Yep, I could not have sessions I actually had paid for because I had waited 2 or 3 months. Hold in mind she never contacted me reminding me of the sessions I had left (6). Not even a txt message. It was obvious she was hoping I will never make contact so that she could cash in without delivering. When I did contacted her she flicked me off. She said she would have cntacted the manager and let me know. To this date I am waiting for an update.

I strongly descorage you from joining that gym up if you want also personal training. tennis coach or any extras . The gym itself is good value for money but dont bother with the rest!

I hope this helps

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