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Anusara Yoga reviews

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Visited Aug 2010

This studio offers substandard instruction and facility. The quality of hot yoga instruction is substandard compared to nearby Bikram yoga studios such as Bikram Yoga Decatur or Bikram Yoga Marietta.

Furthermore, restroom is small and dirty, and the studio is not well maintained.

On top of that, people who run the studios are crooks. I paid $150 on August 10 for unlimited one month pass, to expire on September 10, 2010(written on the receipt). On August 22, 2010(12 days later), I was told that my pass had expired and that I had not paid for the classes, LOL.

If this was not all the problems with this studio, that would be OK. However, on top of that, instructors at this studio SUCK BIG TIME and quality of the instruction is substandard, to say the least.

I lost track time of the time instructors at this studio told me that I'm able to do this or that advanced pose with ease because of natural flexibility. I happen to be a relative beginner suffering from severe back and knee injury, as well as chronic illness. I used to be super stiff before beginning yoga and is able to do advanced pose with ease due to superior yoga instruction I received elsewhere.

If I had to depend on the instructors at this studio to learn how to do advanced poses, I would suck big time, LOL!

If you want your yoga to SUCK BIG TIME unless you are naturally flexible and also be billed twice, try out this studio. Otherwise, go somewhere else.

Both the quality of instruction and condition of facility at Decatur Yoga & Pilates is third rate. On top of that, their billing process is crooked and this business deserve to be driven into bankruptcy.

My sincere hope and prayer is that Decatur Yoga & Pilates go out of business soon, driven by more ethical and well managed competitors. Namaste.

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