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Allergy Testing reviews

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Verified (?) Visited May 2015

I had a Allergy test from your hair and have awarded it 3 stars.

Verified (?) Visited Apr 2012

I went for my blood test on 7/03/12. The original email from Nosh stated that I would be emailed my result in 7 to 10 days. I am still waiting for an email. the voucher said I would be given a 'beat the bloat box to take home which I did not receive. I have emailed Nosh on a couple of occasions re: my blood test result - no reply to date from them. I just keep getting emails about general things. Today I called them and was told by a man, who in my opinion was very abrupt and not at all apologetic that I had not received my result. He said that I would receive my result over the phone. I told him that the original email stated that I would be emailed the result and he said that is not the case. I would prefer to have my result on paper. He then said I would receive a call and if I was free on Monday. I said I work on Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri. He said on Tuesday then - he clearly wasn't listening to what I was saying. He said I would get a call back to arrange a time. I am very disappointed with this as I wanted to start a diet which was going to based around avoiding foods that I am allergic to. I have now been set back by a month. If I had known there would be such a delay I would have gone somewhere else.

Visited Nov 2011

This was a fantastic experience; a winning combination of professionalism and friendliness. A friend a I booked the Wahanda MobDeal for the Health Assessment & Blood Profiling with 3 month private GP access, and booked in for our appointments on the same day. We were greeted and put at ease immediately, while filling out our info in the waiting area, which couldn't be much more different to the usual Doctors waiting rooms!

The test itself took about 30 mins and included a blood test, urine test, blood pressure, eye test, height and weight check and possibly more I've forgotten! We then had a quick follow up where it was explained that our results would be emailed out to us, and then we could book in for a phone or in person consultation with a GP. We were also told that we could take advantage of a special membership offer for Wahanda clients, so 2 people couild enjoy the private membership for the price of 1. There was no hesitation to sign up - the Galen experience is so far removed from Doctors and Walk In Surgeries, it makes taking your health seriously a much more pleasant task, as an appointment there doesn't feel like something you'd want to put off!

No hesitation to recommend the Wahanda offer or Galen Health.

Verified (?) Visited Oct 2011

The visit itself was extremely quick, just had to complete a few forms then have blood taken. The follow up call was also quick, although promised to be 20 minutes, I felt like the therapist was eager to get off the phone after only a few minutes. I wouldn't recommend this deal.

Visited Oct 2011

The area where I had the blood taken looked more like a kitchen than a clinic, so not looking the best but the staff was nice.

Verified (?) Visited Oct 2011

I had the blood test for food allergies - the experience was OK - no waiting time, and I got it done quite quickly, it was a simple blood test like any other.
After 2 days or so I got the results back showing I didn't have any allergies, which was great.
I've never spoken to the Nos Detox staff - EVER. They sent me an email with the results, saying I was fine and nothing more, apart from endless emails pushing their services and diets and products etc...
Very expensive for what I got out of it, e.g. nothing. Wouldn't recommend anyone doing it.

Verified (?) Visited Aug 2011

The testing was done in a lab on Harley Street (if my memory serves me right). I had very little to do with Nosh Detox staff as I dealt directly with the staff at the lab. The experience was efficient and easy and I got my results a few days later. The results were fairly self explanatory but I would have liked a follow up call from Nosh Detox to tell me what they might mean to my daily life and eating habits.

Verified (?) Visited Aug 2011

Gave a blood test for this test, was emailed the results fairly quickly. Some of the things they tested for were a bit strange like peach and celery. The tolerence test was supposed to come with a 20 minuite consultation but havent heard from the company of know how to get this.

Verified (?) Visited Aug 2011

A blood test and then a rubbish report.... told me I was mildly allergic to nuts depite the fact I've been hospitalised in the past over it! So not the greatest and no value for money really. Nurse was nice but when I said I was scared of needles she didn't put me at ease really so was unimpressed.................................................

Verified (?) Visited Jul 2011

I went there to find out if I had any food intolerances. The staff were very nice and, although I was a little early for my appointment, I was not kept waiting.

The test itself consisted only of taking blood, which was quick and virtually painless.

The results were sent in a matter of days, but what I hadn't known was that only the regular foods were tested, and did not include sugar, which is what I had really wanted to know. I believe that you can contact them to ask for specific testing.

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