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A journey through 4 Elements - 4 sessions

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Try a New Approach to Embodiment and Mind-Body Balance.

Have you ever felt the sensation to be cut from your body?
That you could be more connected but not really knowing how to do?

This journey will guide you into focusing your attention, conscious breathing and deep awareness. It is a discovery of your own capacities and your ability to truly be yourself.

This journey is made of 4 individual sessions, to be taken either weekly (1-month journey), twice a week (2-weeks journey) or even on a 1-week journey. It is a complete physical experience through the elements of Earth, Water, Fire & Air.

The capacities of the human body are amazing. As soon as we give it the chance to express and flow. Take some time just for you, to know more about yourself, to connect with your body and learn some simple and efficient tools to keep increasing this connection in your daily life. This set of sessions is ideal as a first approach to body awareness training.

It can be particularly relevant if:
• you feel the need to re-set and take a step back from your daily life.

• you are experiencing difficulties after a challenging period or event in your life, either emotionally or physically.

• you want to know more about yourself.

• you need to prepare yourself for a specific event or project or you are currently dealing with challenges in your life.

• you want to be embodied and find body-mind balance.

• you want to experience how amazing being in your body can be.

Valérie Schraauwers has been working as a qualified bodywork therapist, workshop leader and artists coach since 2006, in Paris and London.

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About venue

Body Awareness - Islington at Body Awareness Centre
Body Awareness - Islington at Body Awareness Centre
Clinic Central,
10-12 Gaskin Street, London, Tube : angel / Islington, N1 2RY
United Kingdom

Massage & Therapy Centre

Body Awareness - Islington at Body Awareness Centre
Clinic Central,
10-12 Gaskin Street, London, Tube : angel / Islington, N1 2RY
United Kingdom

In the heart of London, through mind-body practice, improve your physical abilities and learn to achieve well-being & personal freedom.

Body Awareness is dedicated to offer body awareness development services, through Bodywork, Coaching, Workshops & Applied Reflexology. Our Centre is based in Central London, angel/Islington.

We offer a large range of services to improve self awareness and body-mind connection. With our reflexology sessions experiment a deep relaxation and a first step into body connection. You want more? Try our reflexology and embodiment sessions: you’ll learn simple tools to connect with your body using your attention, breath and your ability to relax. With our bodywork sessions, you can go even deeper into body connection and learn to adapt the tools in your daily life. You’ll learn to train your attention in order to choose either to react to life or to decide to become actor of your own life. A powerful work to achieve Wellbeing and personal freedom.

With our workshops you can experiment body awareness in a group. With “listen to your Body’ start a journey of self discovery going through body sensations, movement, awareness and creativity. Each meeting is a new chance to improve your mind-body connection. With ‘”connect with your Feminity” it’s a monthly meeting for women where you can learn to reconnect with your body capacities in order to empower yourself.

Please get in touch ! +44 (0)752 764 58 67 or valerie@bodyawareness.co.uk or watch our Video Presentation. Looking forward to hear from you !

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Mon 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Tue - Wed 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Thur - Fri 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Sat 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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