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Sweating prevention (Hyperhidrosis)

93 reviews

Botulinum Toxin for Excessive Sweating

One of the most important ways in which the body regulates its temperature is through sweating. Unfortunately, people who suffer from Axillary Hyperhidrosis produce sweat in amounts far greater than needed to control their body temperature. This can make life difficult as normal activities can be severely compromised by theevidence of excessive sweating. It can affect the choice of clothes, their colour, also causing embarrassment both at work and socially. Injections of Botulinum Toxin can block the actions of the nerves that supply these glands restricting their activity and significantly reducing sweat production. Benefits

  • Reduces excessive armpit sweating Hyperhidrosis by up to 90%
  • Suitable for hands
  • Lasts approximately nine months before repeat treatment required
  • Procedure takes twenty minutes
  • Minimally invasive

With no recovery time and only one to three treatments per year, Botulinum Toxin may be the answer to your problem. How It Works Axillary Hyperhidrosis is caused by over activity of the eccrine gland. These glands can be found on many areas of the body surface but are concentrated on the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet and under the armpits. The effects of overactive eccrine glands can be controlled with injections that block the actions of the nerves that supply them, restricting their activity and preventing them from producing as much sweat. This is a highly effective treatment and can be truly life changing, giving sufferers renewed confidence and the ability to be less cautious with their wardrobe. Treating Axillary Hyperhidrosis The procedure, which is injected with a tiny needle just beneath the skins surface, takes about thirty minutes and its effects can last up to nine months. The procedure is painless because numbing cream is applied to the area to be treated and there is no need to schedule any recovery time. Most importantly the effect of the treatment has a rapid onset of only three days with a significant reduction is sweating evident within a week. There is the small possibility of mild side effects such as transient bruising, swelling, redness etc. These all heal quickly but should be fully explained by one of our specialist practitioners. With all our treatments, we offer a complimentary skin consultation with our specialist nurse. Book your appointment today.

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To contact the venue out of hours or during the weekend, please phone 07590752929. If you select your date and time for the service at time of booking, we'll confirm your appointment and will get back to you.
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About venue

Aestha at Wimpole St. Clinic
Aestha at Wimpole St. Clinic
2nd floor, 25 Wimpole Street, London,
(also listed as 'Mike Squirrell'), Telephone for bookings: 0791 779 6064., (please do leave a voice or text message if unable to get through and we will call you back), W1G 8GL
United Kingdom

Skin Clinic

Aestha at Wimpole St. Clinic
2nd floor, 25 Wimpole Street, London,
(also listed as 'Mike Squirrell'), Telephone for bookings: 0791 779 6064., (please do leave a voice or text message if unable to get through and we will call you back), W1G 8GL
United Kingdom

Aestha is a professional, friendly skin clinic located close to the famous Harley Street in London.

Their staff (including fully qualified doctors who are available for weekend bookings) specialise in non-surgical treatments - such as cosmetic injectables and chemical peels - that are designed to rejuvenate and renew skin.

Every returning client and multiple treatments are entitled to 10% discount. Please note that pre-paid bookings via Wahanda does not qualified for this offer.

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Mon - Tue - Closed -
Wed 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Thur - Fri - Closed -
Sat - Sun 9:00 am - 9:30 pm
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