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QiGong Therapy

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Qi-Gong - energy skill - has evolved over thousands of years in China and is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Qi - energy - flows everywhere. TCM aims to stimulate and enhance the Qi that flows in the human body.

One can divide TCM into 4 branches: Acupuncture , Herbal Medicine, TuiNa and Qi-Gong. All of these methods stimulate the flow of Qi in the 5 organs (ZangFu) and their associated Acupuncture Meridians (JingLuo). If one's Qi flows freely and is abundant then the body can be healthy. The 5 element theory in TCM symbolises the inter-relationship of the Qi - energy - of the various organs.

QiGong therapy uses kinaesthetic sensory scanning techniques to identify blockages or weaknesses in an individual and then treats this by injecting controlled amounts of energy (wai qi emission) from the therapist via acupuncture points into their body to energise them and remove blockages.

The QiGong therapist by charging up their own energy field and body like a battery and then emitting Wai Qi into the patient can strongly energise a weakened body, stimulate their energy field and flush energy through the channels to clear stubborn blockages. Restoring balance and harmony in the body's Qi field assists the natural healing process of the human body to take place.

You will enjoy:

  • QiGong Therapy - Initial Treatment (90 min) OR
  • QiGong Therapy - Following Sessions (60 min each)
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Tranquil Retreats Essex
Tranquil Retreats Essex
The Tranquil Space,
Blake House Craft Centre,, Blake End, Nr Braintree,, Essex, CM77 6RA
United Kingdom

Wellness Centre

Tranquil Retreats Essex
The Tranquil Space,
Blake House Craft Centre,, Blake End, Nr Braintree,, Essex, CM77 6RA
United Kingdom

We have created The Tranquil Space to provide an energetic haven of harmonious energy where you can come to relax, energise and re-balance. Tranquil Retreats serves to bring positive health and wellbeing through energetic modalities for the benefit of all and have been providing retreats, workshops, classes and treatments since 2010. Our events as well as the treatments provided are organised with careful consideration to the energetics of the environment, the modalities used and the people taking part to provide the highest harmonious energetics for all involved. This allows the individual to enhance their wellbeing and benefit from the energetic mix in this cycle of time.

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Mon - Fri 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sat - Sun 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
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