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Hypnotherapy weight loss 3 sessions package

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I specialise in weight loss hypnotherapy. I wont be giving you a diet or exercise plan. My aim is to change the way you think about food for the rest of your life. Eating your way, the foods you like. In the quantity your body needs.

Some people can have a fear about changing the amount they eat, or cutting down on a particular food when it provides comfort can be challenging. But thats where Hypnosis can help, everything is defined by a thought, and every thought can be changed. In some cases people can have huge justifications about eating what they eat, I need it, I get tired without it, I get dizzy and light headed without it……lots of reasons that can produce a physical effect on the body and feel real…….but it all can be changed …….if you want it to.

It feels empowering to be in control of food, and to be in control of your life. It feels amazing to be happy and healthy.

What are you waiting for ?

I have personally struggled with my weight almost all my life and when I discovered Hypnotherapy I found the answer. People carry weight for a number of reasons, from deep rooted problems, protection weight, the need to punish themselves for some reason, or just simply because they have put weight on due to having a baby or moving in with a partner. We all have our own reasons.

I’ve now treated over 300 clients for weight loss/gastric band hypnosis with about an 80% success rate. Success is based on your commitment and belief in the treatment. Once you transform your thoughts about food and free yourself from having to maintain your weight it feels empowering.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you ready to let go of your weight ?
  • Are you fed up with yo yo dieting ?
  • Are you an emotional eater and its getting in the way of weight loss ?
  • Are you ready to change the way you think about food forever ?
  • Are you ready to live life to the full and be happy ?
  • Are you ready to loose your weight for the last time ?
  • Are you ready to enjoy loosing weight eating the foods you want ?
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you will need to have 3 sessions..and commit. the first session is consultation to get to know you and your history. top up sessions also available. . 48 hour cancellation policy. please turn up on time for your sessions. they will need to be booked all at same time within a week of each other. Most sessions are 1 hour the first may go over a little.
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