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Food Intolerance Testing + Urine Adrenal Function Test £65

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Food Intolerance + Urine Adrenal Function Test £65

Tired? Irritable? Allegies? Sex drive low?

Are you suffering from 21st Century syndrome?

Adrenal Fatigue is where the adrenal glands are exhausted and unable to function normally. The adrenal glands release steroid hormones which are extremely responsive to changes in inner physical, emotional and psychological environment. Because of their responsive nature, the hormones are susceptible to becoming unbalanced from any number of factors. Too much stress, physical exertion, environmental or psychological stress can deplete the adrenal glands, which leads to a decrease in adrenal hormone manufacturing such as cortisol.

Adrenal fatigue often develops after periods of intense or lengthy physical or emotional stress, when overstimulation of the glands leaves them unable to meet your body's needs.

Some of the symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue are:

  • Difficulty waking up in the morning
  • Fatigue that is not relieved by sleep
  • Craving sweet and salty foods
  • Tendency to constipation
  • Poor digestion
  • Food or Environment Allergies
  • Need coffee, colas ,energy drinks to keep going
  • Daily tasks take more effort
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Decreased ability to handle stress
  • Light-headed when standing up
  • Mild depression
  • Increased fears, anxiety, increased confusion
  • Difficulty in concentration and even less accurate memory recall.
  • Insomnia
  • Skin Problems
  • Increased PMS in women
  • Forgetfulness, thoughts are less focused
  • Decreased tolerance where you are more irritated with people
  • Don’t wake up until 10AM, lows between 3-4PM, feel better after 6PM and after evening meal;
  • Decreased productivity where it takes you longer to complete tasks.

If you are experiencing more than three of the above symptoms, you may have Adrenal Fatigue.

Adrenal Fatigue can be caused by the following factors:

  • Too much stress that doesn’t abate (marital, financial, emotional, family, work and psychological stress)
  • Death of a loved one
  • Lack of relaxation
  • Allergies
  • Over exertion
  • Smoking
  • Caffeine
  • Fear
  • Negative attitudes and beliefs
  • Lack of sleep
  • Poor eating habits
  • Sugar and white flour processed products, toxins, infections and a few others.

Adrenal Fatigue can be prevented, but if you already have it, gain all of the knowledge you can about it and find someone to talk to. Most of the time, Adrenal Fatigue can be cured with supplements and a recovery plan of reduced stress, increased relaxation, enjoyable activities, exercise (though you may feel too tired), and a balanced diet. Depending on your body and how well you adhere to the recovery plan, it may take up to three years for your body to fully recover.

Consultation involves the following:

  • Full Asyra testing - Comprehensive check of energetic status of 40 major organs (check what needs to be balanced first)
  • Food Intolerance test for over 200 foods
  • Metabolic Digestive Profile
  • Vitamins , Minerals and Enzyme deficiencies, Absorption issues
  • Hormonal Profile
  • Emotional Profile
  • Urine Test for Adrenal function (very useful test if you experience any of the symptoms above). It helps to target the treatment precisely.

For bookings and other inquiry please contact us by email only info@holisticmedis.com

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Holistic Medis at Terapia Consultancy
Holistic Medis at Terapia Consultancy
Terapia Consultancy,
9 Coldbath Square (Near Farringdon or Chancery Lane station), London, EC1R 5HL
United Kingdom

Treatment Room - Beauty

Holistic Medis at Terapia Consultancy
Terapia Consultancy,
9 Coldbath Square (Near Farringdon or Chancery Lane station), London, EC1R 5HL
United Kingdom

Holistic Medis is a small but welcoming wellness and nutritional treatment room located within Terapia Consultancy in Farringdon.

Staff provide food intolerance testing, vitamins and mineral deficiency assessments, hormonal status checks and total health analysis using Asyra Pro - a fast and non-invasive screening technology that provides immediate results and a detailed report free of charge. After testing, Asyra homeopathic drops are also tailor made for each patient.

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