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Myofascial Release Techniques

This is a technique that helps to release tension in the connective tissue network of the body known as the Fascia. The fascia is an internal structure that provides support to your body, organs and tissues. It enables you to adopt certain positions or due to tension lock you in certain positions or in poor posture. Myofascial release aims to unlock the fascia tissue and with that alleviate pain, persistent injuries, lack of movement and dysfunction through poor posture and aiming in correcting posture and reduce associated symptoms. This technique is a firm, deep and very slow technique that can sometimes be slightly uncomfortable depending on how “locked in” the fascia is, however, it can also be a very relaxing experience.

Following all physical and emotional trauma and poor posture, the fascia can scar and harden in the affected site and tension lines form. This can cause the fascial network to become pulled and out of alignment and in turn can have a negative effect on the body.

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