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Core Myofascial Release

44 reviews

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Under your skin, encasing your body and webbing its way through your insides like spider webs, is fascia. Fascia is made up primarily of densely packed collagen fibers that create a full body system of sheets, chords and bags that wrap, divide and permeate every one of your muscles, bones, nerves, blood vessels and organs. Every bit of you is encased in it. You're protected by fascia, connected by fascia and kept in taut human shape by fascia. It wraps around each of your individual internal parts, keeping them separate and allowing them to slide easily with your movements. It's strong, slippery and wet. It creates a protecting covering around each muscle; because it's stiffer, it resists over-stretching and acts like an anatomical emergency break. It connects your organs to your ribs to your muscles and all your bones to each other. It structures your insides in a feat of engineering, balancing stressors and counter-stressors to create a mobile, flexible and resilient body unit. It generally keeps you from being a big, bone-filled blob. CORE Myofascial Release Technique * The techniques used in this form of Myofascial release are very gentle, deep reaching and all are applied using no lotion. The reasoning behind using no lotion is that it creates friction, which help to soften the fascia and improve the ability of it to stretch. * This bodywork discipline is designed to improve the structural balance and alignment potential of all body types, depending on age, level of activity and medical/ injury history. * CORE Myofascial therapy is a client-centered approach that utilizes a variety of clinical techniques, treatment protocols, and structural strategies and exercises that will improve neurosomatic awareness and performance abilities.

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OMH Therapies Massage & Wellbeing Centre
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OMH Therapies Massage & Wellbeing Centre
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