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DestinationSkin Bristol

Visited Apr 2011

I was so looking forward to coming here having read the reviews and thought I would have a thorough half hour consultation with recommendations based on my skin and how it could be improved. I have t-zone oily skin with minor scarring from teenage spots and freckly skin.

On arrival at Destination Skin I was kept waiting for 15 minutes whilst my therapist talked to previous clients about their special offer on skin care. I was not too bothered as I figured I would get the same quality attention. How wrong could I be?

My 'consultation' consisted of being asked what treatments I had read about and thought I needed followed by *name removed* confirming that I did indeed need those treatments. Most impressive deduction considering I was wearing make up and she had not even looked at or touched my face. I must have looked surprised as she asked if I was ok. I explained I was expecting more than this for a consultation to which she responded, 'I'll write something down'! She then leant across looked at my skin and touched each cheek then left the room - no more than 5 seconds - no exaggeration!

In total *name removed* spent 7 minutes on the consultation which was made up of 2 minutes talking to me and 3 minutes writing up the £969 cost of treatments which she said I needed and 2 minutes from me querying how she came to this recommendation having spent 5 seconds looking at my skin. She had no answer.I asked how she came to the conclusion I needed dermaroller treatment and not dermabrasion or a peel? She paused and then said it was because I had very deep acne scarring - this is simply untrue. Perhaps they get paid commission and there is more on one treatment than the other I started to leave at this point explaining how disappointed I had been with the experience. As we walked out I asked her how my medical condition may impact any treatment and she became very vague and said she could not discuss these things outside of the treatment room so i suggested we returned to the room to resume the conversation. I don't think she was expecting that. I asked her if she had read my medical form. She said she had so I asked her what illness I had and she could not answer - she said she knew I was on tablets but they were fine with the treatments she was recommending. Yet when I asked what tablets I was on she could not answer. The assistant manager then entered the room and asked if there was a problem. I explained that I was very disappointed and felt that I had been rushed in and out at the end of the day (appointment was at 4.15) and no real consultation given. The AM naturally defended *name removed* however, when I reiterated that *name removed* had not even read my medical form properly and could not tell me what tablets I was on there was not a lot left to be said.

I was seen eventually at 4.30 and in my car by 4.43 and that included discussions with the assistant manager and sorting my ticket in the multi storey - really thorough half hour consultation......not

Overall very disappointing - had hoped for so much more. Possibly it is one of those places you go to once you have been properly assessed somewhere else and have had a quality professional appraisal of your skin without make up - that way you can take the good advice and see Destination Skin for cheaper treatments.

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