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Spray Tan Angels

Verified (?) Visited Jan 2014

This was positively the worst experience I have ever had in a salon. I have never written a bad review about a company before but feel compelled to warn people as not only was the service bad, but the subsequent customer service was possibly the rudest I have ever encountered. When I was getting my eyelash exensions applied, I was sat back in a reclining seat. I should add that I have gotten eyelash extensions many times before, both sitting up and reclining, and therefore did not think there would be any issues. When I attempted to open my first eye, it was stuck shut. The glue then went into my eye and started burning it like crazy. All this time, the manager was blameing me for lying back in the seat and told me I should have been sitting up. As my eyes were burning at the time, I did not pay much attention to her. When my eye was eventually PRIED open, I was asked whether I wanted to continue getting the other eye done, despite loosing a lot of eyelashes from my first eye!! I advised I didn't. The manager then asked me if I was in for a special occasion, and I told her it was my birthday. She then offered to give me a complementary manicure - which I subsequently found out was NOT complementary. The next day, I woke up and discovered that TWO of the nails of my complementary manicure had completely lost colour - which was very embarrassing as I had an important business meeting the next day and no time to fix it before hand. When I rang the manager to arrange to get my refund for my eyelash extensions, she literally verbally abused me on the phone. She told (and I quote!!!) 'Karma will get you if you write a bad review about me on Wahanda' and that she had never offered me a 'complementary' manicure - in fact, she had to stay behind extra time to make sure I got my treatments - when I informed her that I too had to stay behing because of her staffs incompetence, she told me that I was trying to blackmail her into giving a refund or I would write a review. I, infact, was going to write a bad review regardless of the fact if she gave me a refund or not as I believe people should know about the type of establishment this salon is. I am still waiting my refund for my eyelash extensions which ripped out many of my eyelashes. Unfortunately, this website does not let me upload any photos, but I took some of my 'complementary' manicure on day 3 -but needless to say, it looked ridiculous. I would advise anyone to avoid this salon at all costs, not because of my eye being glued together, but rather because of it's rude, offensive manager who refuses to acknowledge when a customer is right.

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