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Ayurveda Pura Health Spa & Beauty Centre

First of all, I'll start my review saying that english isn't my first language so apologies for any mistake but I really need to let everyone know my awful experience in this Spa. I started to do some Therapeutic massage weekly, I have to say that the first few times that I went there I was completely satisfied, everything was clean, the staff was nice except the secretary, and treatments were quite good considering the price. After a while I noticed that the practitioner in other words the manager used to terminate treatments 15 minutes earlier. I used to have shirodhara and I really have to say she wasn't good qualified for it because many times the oil was almost cold, she used to take time to fill it up when was finished and instead of terminate the treatment with a facial massage as the other practitioner used to do, she just left me for 10 minutes before the end of the treatment "relaxing myself" on the table with all the cold oil. The first two times that I did massages there the bathroom was clean but then it seemed they stopped to care about it and when I was ready to have a shower they left the dirty bath mat of the person that took a treatment before me and the shower was clearly dirty and broken and I continued to find those things until I stopped to go there. Now is coming the worst of the story, so please keep going to read and trust me everything is true. I decided to have a back massage that include a little neck massage as well, considering that I used to have a slightly pain in my neck and they were aware of this. At the beginning I had a nice impression of the practitioner of this kind of massage and after it I felt relaxed but the day after when I woke up I had a severe pain in all my back, neck and as consequence my head as well. I couldn't even stand up from my bed and this never happened to me before! I was really scared because the strong pain, I called the manager and I explained her the situation and of course complying about the practitioner. The manager's answer was her disappointment and she tried to use an excuse saying that probably there was something in my neck that had to come up and she suggested me to take paracetamol and voltaren gel!!! As a manager of an Ayurveda spa which promote natural herbal treatments you suggest to take medicine for your mistake? After I told her that I wanted at least a refund of the massage, she told me that the only thing that was able to do for me was to give me a voucher of 20 pound discount for next treatment, so they sent it to me but when I received it I noticed that it was already expired. I thought that probably it was a joke, I couldn't believe my eyes. I will never suggest anyone this unprofessional Spa, I had other experiences with Ayurveda treatments and this Spa has nothing to do with Ayurveda.

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