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Beauty Rooms at Buxton Palace Hotel, The Hotel Collection


Having just returned from the Palace Hotel, Buxton, I can only say I was very disappointed with our stay, I will not be recommending this hotel and will make sure friends stay away. The whole experience has been poor from start to finish. Having booked the break as a birthday treat from my boyfriend, it's a good job he realises that I love him, because judging by our stay he may think I can't stand him!
It started with my first call to confirm booking (booked through last minute. com). I had booked 2 day spa break, you only had us booked in for one night, I got the impression the lady I spoke to really didn't care. I was told to contact last minute.com, I did and well they could not be more helpful, they had confirmation from yourselves for two nights. They spoke to Laura who confirmed 2 nights and then passed over the call over to me.
While speaking to Laura I told her I was Vegan, and as the meals where included could they make sure the chef knew, I was informed this would be done.
I know being vegan can be an issue for set menu restaurants, that’s why I called to give notice. ( I rang again a week later)
During our stay, the first day, I book a table for dinner, telling the staff again I am a vegan. That night the options for food are clearly not vegan, asked if the chef could offer me something. I was told I could have melon for starters; the risotto on the menu could be made vegan, desert, fruit and sorbet. Now as much as I love fruit, it is a bit of a cheats option. There are many people now a days who have lactose and other intolerances so surely there should be more options than this.
Then came lunch the next day, not one member of staff (restaurant or reception staff) seemed to know what food we could choose from. In the end we were told to choose from the normal lunch menu. Then came the question which food is vegan, should I just say I gave up waiting. Choosing something that I believed should normally be vegan.
The worst experience was the final dinner meal. Having looked at the menu there was clearly nothing that was vegan. I asked waiting staff to check what could be done. After a very long wait, I was told the soup was vegan, great I though, I was then given main options of FISH. I eat no animal product and no flesh; I had stated this on every occasion. Fish is not vegan, had the food that I had already eaten during my stay been vegan. I am vegan for animal welfare beliefs, thank god it's not a health issue, I really could have been ill. Instead it's just my character and morals that could have been destroyed. In the end I got a veg curry, oh and yes fruit for desert (Boring). Both of our meals at dinner this night where Luke warm!
There are many people who are often unable to eat certain thing, for health or moral beliefs. We are not unusual, so why was I made to feel so bad. I had given your hotel lots of notice and you still got it wrong. I hope for my sake I didn't eat anything I shouldn’t have:-(

The hotel is shabby. The Pool was freezing. The fact I am vegan was used to make me feel horrid and awkward. Not worth the amount I paid and a really let down for a Birthday treat.

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