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Angeli Medispa

I had been wanting to have semi perm make up on my eyebrows for a very long time so was super excited to finally be getting it done… Unfortunately I wish I never had them done here:( I arrived at my app 5 mins late (my mistake) so the appointment was very hurried. Looking back I should have asked to reschedule but didn't think of it at the time as I couldn't wait to have new eyebrows!... and trusted implicitly that I was in the hands of a professional. The first thing was I was advised to have my brows dyed a lighter colour?! I went with this (thought I should listen to the professional!) another lady who was really lovely, was called in to do this but after waiting a while they both realised that my eyebrows were not changing colour and so it was a complete waste of time! Anyway after a brief chat about the look I wanted which was very natural hair strokes rather than block colour, I lay down on the chair for the therapist to get started. Just as she's about to start (literally) she informs me that it will be an extra £100 for the hair strokes as more work is involved in that method. I agree and off she goes… The pain was bearable and it didn't take long at all. I couldn't wait to see them:))) But was quite shocked when she handed me the mirror because it looked like two caterpillars had parked up on my forehead!!! I was assured that they would calm down. The swelling would go and the colour would fade. The swelling did go but the colour was still so dark even 2 months later, also the 'so called hair strokes' that I paid the extra £100 for were completely non existent. I called to ask for advice and on the phone she was very, very rude!!! She said I should have gone back for a top up wt??? - was she bonkers??? I didn't want them to be any darker then they already were!!! Anyway not only did she refuse to help me in any way what so ever she was so defensive and seemed angry with me?! I now have very dark, blotchy eyebrows and wish I didn't go near that horrid place ever! The least she could have done was offer me the £100 back considering I had paid extra for something I never got at all. PLEEEEASE STAY WELL AWAY FROM AGELESS ANGELS FOR SEMI PERMANENT MAKE UP because I don't want any other person to feel as gutted and as sad about something so prominant that was meant to make me feel better and more confident:(

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