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Question: Does anybody know what ageloc is?

Asked by FlorentinaSpa 4 years ago

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MMC123 4 years ago

ageLOC is a name used by Nu Skin (a direct selling company offering its products worldwide), based on the theory that there are internal sources of ageing that contribute to the appearance of ageing.

Nu Skin’s ageLOC science targets various 'SuperMarkers' that identify how to slow these processes and they offer a range of solutions and products based on these theories.

I personally have not used their products so cannot comment on their effectiveness. Their Galvanic hand held Spa System looks pretty good if you don't particularly want to purchase a professional galvanic machine.

Hope this helps.

MMC Holistic Therapies

Sources: http://www.pamperpartiesnorthwest.co.uk

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FacesbyRobin-LE 4 years ago

I am afraid that I cannot help you with this question however, I would suggest that you google this word. And, if you find some information, please write back and let us know what it is? I would love to know!

4 years ago

Nu Skin company has been working with Stanford University, Purdue University, and LifeGen Technologies on what affects our aging process. Their discovery is ageLOC. AgeLOC is the science of targeting aging at its source. You can find more information via the link below:

Sources: http://www.nuskin.com/en_US/products/anti-aging_opportunity/ageloc1.html

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FlorentinaSpa 4 years ago

Hi Joanna!
Are you using this technology?

BeverleyAnne 4 years ago

Yes scientists have discovered DNA reffered to as arnox the ageLOC ampoules are used to combat the signs of ageing hence aiding arnox DNA. Which ever way one is determined to age several years younger or older genetically via the arnox DNA.. The machine irons out the face making one appear younger.

FlorentinaSpa 4 years ago

Thank you so much for all your answers!
I am a Beauty Therapist qualified with The Guild of Beauty Therapists for this Ageloc technology and I use it for my clients for spa treatments. If you like it and you want to try it also you can book a demo session using my online booking form

To read more about Ageloc go to :http://florentinaspa.blogspot.com/p/spa-system.html

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