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Question: Is it safe to do bikram yoga with back pain?

Asked by Jesko 5 years ago

5 answers

I've had some back pain recently and was wondering if it is safe to do bikram yoga in in this state? Is there a different type of yoga that might be better?

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Tyran 5 years ago

Without knowing the exact nature of your back pain, I cannot say that you definitely should not practice bikram yoga. I can, however, recommend a series of postures that you can do at home to help alleviate your back pain. If you go to http://www.dstaiji.com/cat.html, you will find an easy series of postures that will not only relax the back and ease your back pain but will also strengthen your back helping prevent future back pain.

One final tip, strong abdominal muscles are critical to preventing back injury and pain. Practice postures such as paripurna navasana to help strengthen the abdominals.

Sources: http://www.dstaiji.com/cat.html

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YogaCenter 5 years ago

Bikram yoga is excellent for certain individuals who like to sweat and may normally be pretty tight and inflexible which the hot room and speed up the process to increase flexibility. However, it may be temporary since you will cool down and the muscles will get tight again if you especially don't have the right internal support. You can sweat out the minerals needed to gain permanent structural strength. The child's pose is one of the most basic yoga poses which is excellent for scoliosis and back pain in general. Reduce sugar and caffeine and increase structure support with a good calcium formula or minerals. Evy http://www.path2wellness.com Corpus Christi, TX

ShanPRyoga 5 years ago

I would stick to a gentler class while your back is giving you trouble. Bikram won't necessarily make your pain worse, it really just takes knowing your body and which poses will feel beneficial and good to you. As always, if you feel pain, back out of the posture and just breathe.

Restorative yoga works on using props to hold positions longer, and help the body come back to homeostasis. It is really relaxing and soothing, a nice treat and different from more challenging poses.

As always, check with a doctor to ok your practice if you're feeling unsure.

skyyogastudio 5 years ago

You should always check with your primary healthcare provider prior to any exercise and with injury. All yoga classes contain asanas (postures) that can be helpful or contraindicated. Bikram yoga is a series of 28 distinct postures in a certain order, I would avoid the severe back bending and locust pose as these shorten the length of the back body and lead to compression which can worsen pain.

HamiltonLaura 5 years ago

I've taught yoga with a broken bone in my foot and a pretty bad sprained ankle. I recommend you continue your yoga practice with consciousness. Work with your teacher to give you modificatons and to focus on poses that are going to help your specific back issue. You may want to change to a restorative practice for awhile - but a flow practice can be maintained as long as your careful and pay attention to your body.

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