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Question: Is it best to do yoga in the morning or the evening?

Asked by charleymarley 5 years ago

3 answers

Is it best to do yoga in the morning or the evening?


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Rebecca Urban Oasis 5 years ago

In the morning is more common and sets the energy for the day especially if coupled with meditation afterwards. You can adapt your yoga practice in the evening if it includes postures to be less vata producing and more relxaing or stick to just pranayama practice and or meditation and or yoga nidra.

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Tyran 5 years ago

Both, if you have the time.

Practicing in the morning will create a reserve of stillness that can dramatically change your entire day.

Practicing in the evening provides time to release the stresses of the day allowing for a more restful and healing sleep.

YogaCenter 5 years ago

It's ideal to mix your classes if possible. Two evenings a week and maybe a Saturday am class. Most people are stiffer in the am. By the end of the day, while more stress mentally may have crept in, the body is usually more flexible, simply by bending, stretching over to pick up items, getting in and out of car etc. Yoga can actually be practiced daily and the time you have is really up to you to get the most of a good stress free class. Remember to start with a different side of your body each day as your lead side to strengthen each side of your body evenly plus strengthening each side of the brain. Remember the right side of the brain instructs the left side of the body and visa versa. Thus creating balance which should be a good motivator for all practicing yogis and yoginis. Glad to assist. See http://www.path2wellness.com for more info. Evy in Corpus Christi, TX

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