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Question: How do you prevent nails to go dry after taken MINX off?Or how do you treat it?

Asked by HairByVieri 4 years ago

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NAILSBYMETS 4 years ago

Hi there, Minx is not a product that specifically dries out your nails but in order to prevent this from occurring apply CND Solar Oil when you are wearing Minx and then apply directly to the nail once you have removed.

There are 2 ways you can remove Minx:

1. Use a hairdryer and blast it over the Minx nails for a few seconds, pick at the top right hand corner of the Minx (where the free edge is) and peel from the right hand corner diagonally to the bottom left hand corner.

2. Place your hands in lukewarm water for a few seconds and then repeat the steps above to remove the Minx

This will help make the Minx flexible and easier to remove, any glue/adhesiveness remaining you can just rub off.


Sources: http://nailsbymets.com/minx.html

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KuKobyJade 4 years ago

I doubt it will by dryness - it can look like it but if you have pulled them off yourself it may have ripped a layer of nail off - you can buff this off and if you purchase some solar oil - this will put the nutrients back in your nail. :) hope this helps!

Sources: http://www.tailormadenails.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=20

studioseventyfour 4 years ago

I would recommend a course of manicures, have one every two weeks. This will help rehydrate the nail plate and aid in the nail growing longer and stronger.

Sources: http://www.studioseventyfour.eu

sueone1 4 years ago

How did you have your minx removed? there is a certain way to remove them so that they do not damage the nail. Do your nails have white patches that are rough to touch?

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HairByVieri 4 years ago

Yes that is exactly what is happening

HairByVieri 4 years ago

So what is the correct way of removing them?

The Sun Spa 4 years ago

lots of nail oil and don't use a nail hardner - nail hardners will make the nail dryer!
Warm some oil in the microwave and dipp your fingers in and then massage into the cuticles!

Sources: http://www.martinesbeautyspot.com

sprout8 4 years ago

Hi hairby, you can apply hand cream all over cuticle and nails then use solar oil on your nails and cuticle and gently massage. you will probaly need to apply more often so that your nails can absorbe the cream and oils to prevent dryness.


everinessence 4 years ago

Hey , you have some fantastic advise here.
Could I also reccommend that a paraffin wax treatment will help to re-hydrrate the nails too. To avoid damage in the future follow the removal steps as NAILSBYMETS advised.

It is important to remove any nail enhancement correctly in order to retain healthy nail beds not just for the asthetics but also in order to avoid infections etc.

all the best shereen

Sources: http://www.everinessence.com

fantasia 4 years ago

regular manicure treatments will help rehydrate the nail plate and cuticle area.
using a rich oil or moisturiser at night will also help rehydrate the nails and skin. Paraffin wax is a good treatment for dry nails and skin.

Vickieminx1 4 years ago

I would personally recommend that the client rubs Solar oil on the nails when they are on and obviously once they come off to. Its the best product to stop nail drying! Hope this helps x

NikkiFeeney 4 years ago

You need to make sure all glue etc is removed from the finger nails.
The best way to remove false nails is with acetone, soak them for a few minutes until they loosen the glue then remove all glue and clean nail with emery boards and buffers, its very important to then moisturise the hands & fingers with a good hand cream and nourish the nail with a nail oil.

Boots do a really good false nail remover called "get them off" the instructions are on the bottle.

Hope you find this helpful.

Sources: http://www.nikkifeeney.co.uk

la-belle-vie 2 years ago

They need to be removed correctly otherwise the nail plate could get damaged. Your therapist should have given you the correct after care/home care advise.


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