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Question: What products are particularly bad for sensitive skin?

Asked by Judy-J 5 years ago

4 answers

I have had allergic reactions to products before, are there any ingredients I should look out for?

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Norah 5 years ago

One of the most common irritants in skin care products is Fragrance, sometimes listed as Parfum. So look out for that. It is usually listed towards the bottom of the label. Gently, gently is always the approach with sensitive skin. Notice how products feel when you first apply them. Anything that makes your skin turn red, or makes it sting should be washed off immediately and avoided thereafter. Avoid mechanical scrubs, anything with AHA's in them and SD Alcohol. In my experience, while Aloe Vera is a lovely ingredient for many people, some people are allergic to it and this shows up in a lot of products these days. Like wise, as lovely as essential oils are, there are some products around with high enough levels to cause irritation to some skins. You need to become your own detective, scrutinise labels and notice how your skin reacts. Maybe keep a log of your reactions, note the product and even keep the label so you can see which ingredients keep showing up. Be wary of products with overly long labels and stick to more simple formulas until you know what the problem is. Look out for products containing anti inflammatory ingredients that will help to soothe your skin and keep it happy.

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CarrieGilmore 5 years ago

You didnt mention this, but if you have rosacea or persistant redness, you would also want to stay away from any skincare or cosmetic products that contain oil. Also, stick with mild cleansers and mild exfoliation, and definitly no fragrance.

Hotesthetics 5 years ago

Judy, face washes with a slight acidic pH dry the skin. Fragrance, Toners, Astringents Mechanical exfoliants, Chemical exfoliants, Heat and sun.. These are all very bad for sensitive skin. When you have this skin type it is all about soothing and calming the skin.

5 years ago

Exfoliators, anything with fragrance in it.

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