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Question: Can Kinesioloy help Fibromaligia? (sorry about the spelling)

Asked by 1251945 4 years ago

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melanieflower 4 years ago

Whilst we can never guarantee that kinesiology can help a particular condition, there is no reason why it would not help.

The great thing about kinesiology is that it can home in on exactly what is stressing the body, and then remove that stress. It works in a similar way to acupuncture in that it works on the body's energy channels.

There may be many factors contributing to your fibromyalgia (such as electromagnetic imbalance, emotional stress, food allergy, nutrient deficiency) and kinesiology can identify and address all of the different factors.

More information about kinesiology can be found on the kinesiology federation website, or also look at the Health Kinesiology website. Hope this helps.

Sources: http://www.natural-healthcare.net

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lindadb 4 years ago

I agree entirely with Melanie. You can also check http://www.systematic-kinesiology.co.uk for a Practitioner near you who is qualified in Systematic Kinesiology.

The beauty of Kinesiology is that you will be treated as a unique being... and will encompass physical, emotional, electrical and nutritional/chemical causes of your imbalance which is manifesting as fibromyalgia.

Good luck

katrinawoodrow 4 years ago

I am currently treating a fibromyalgia patient who has made more progress in the last six months than she had in the previous 10 years (her assessment, not mine although I can see a big difference since she first came to see me).

Having identified food intolerances and removing these from her diet, vitamin deficiencies, identified candida and helicobacter pylori and treated both, she has lost two stones and looks a lot 'brighter' in herself.

Kinesiology has the ability to identify contributing factors to any condition and put that person back on the road to recovery.

Sources: http://www.katrinawoodrowdigestivehealth.com

Psychosomatic 4 years ago

offcourse,why not ! Most important is find the reason on psychosomatic base. ...

nursegill55 4 years ago

yes , kineisiology can detect food intolerances, imbalances and other health problems i.e candida, parasites which can cause these symptoms

cmiller 4 years ago

Definitely worth a try. Also consider working with other alternative modalities out there so you can move through the layers of whatever may be keeping you in this condition in the first place. I have worked with this issue with many clients and know it is very challenging to live with - please see my work at http://www.livingthespiral.com

Sources: http://www.livingthespiral.com

frankykfrp 4 years ago

Kinesiology finds the path in to wellness and bypasses any possible barriers the mind may put up. The muscle testing technique is a quick way to identify the way forward by identifying imbalances and accumulated stress factors and then with acupressure the imbalances are cleared.

Sources: http://www.healthkinesiology.co.uk

Kay26 4 years ago

Kinesiology does not treat named diseases. It is holistic and combines muscle testing, a range of balancing techniques and nutrition to re-balance the body.

Nigel 4 years ago

Yes, we've had lots of success with clients who have had fibromyalgia and are now amazingly recovered. One woman, who was in severe pain and unable to do very much at all, now manages to play golf regularly!

Have a look on our own website http://www.betterhealthchoice.co.uk under testimonials, and I can give you her contact details for you to speak to if you would like that.

And you can always ring or speak to one of us if you'd like. Please let me know if you'd like to make an appointment.


Krys & Jass Godly

Wenrella 3 years ago


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