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Question: Breakout of quite a few comedones (blackheads) and small bumps, help. What's best to use?

Asked by Miche35 4 years ago

18 answers

Help. Have breakout of blackheads on chin and few raised bumps also on chin. The odd pustule also present (but nothing new there). Can anyone suggest a treatment or product that I can use to reduce them, please.....

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NikkiFeeney 4 years ago

I would recommend a good ex foliating and mask session twice weekly until it clears, it may be a result of Christmas and New Year showing on your skin, alcohol, oily foods etc.
Use products that are natural and have no alcohols in them, alcohol will dry your skin out, strip the natural layer of oil and cause your skin to over produce oil and you will be in a vicious circle.
Black heads are a collection of sebum in a pore that has picked up a little bacteria, this indicates a high oil level on your skin, the bumps are likely to be toxins collecting under the skin surface.
If you know your skin type make sure the products are suited to it, if you dont, ask advice.
Dont be scared to use a good moisturising mask or tempted to dry out the skin, what your skin needs is nourishment, moisture and a good deep clean with exfoliators.
1 other tip ....when you cleanse at night time, cleanse twice to clean the day off your face then clean the skin.
I hope you find this helpful, if you need any help or advice to establish your skin type or advise on product type or brand please do email me i would be happy to help.

Sources: info@nikkifeeney.co.uk

Other answers (17)

4 years ago

A hormonal imbalance caused by woman’s monthly cycle, is one of the most common results of breakouts around the chin area, mouth and jaw line. During a normal woman’s cycle, a woman's progesterone levels increase after ovulation and that is why breakouts can occur approximately the week before the period. Hormones take part in production of the oil in the skin. Therefore, any hormonal imbalance and fluctuations can lead to excess oil production which can clog the pores.

You can take a blood test to check your hormone levels. My home method for occasional hormonal breakout is to clean your face first, use an astringent, then hold a piece of ice to the spot for around a minute to reduce the redness and finally apply one of the treatment products with salicylic acid to the affected area.

Key ingredients to look for in your skincare and face masks are: kaolin (oil-absorbing clay), bentonite (white clay), witch hazel, zinc oxide (antiseptic), eucalyptus (draws out impurities).

InstyleIdaho 4 years ago

Is this a new condition or one you have been battling for some time? What is your skin care routine now and what kind of products do you already use? How much water do you drink? These are all questions I would ask if you walked into my studio. First I would find a good skin care studio near you and have a detoxification facial with extractions. Now your on step a head, increase the amount of H2o you drink to help your skin eliminate it's own toxins. Half your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 140lbs=70 oz of water. A daily skin care routine is a must, cleanser (remover oil & debris), toner (minimize pores & reset skin ph) and moisturizer ( a must for all skin types to create a healthy barrier). I recommend Derma e organic skin care their "Very Clear" line for problem and sensitive skin would help you get back on track. Good luck.
Siempre Skin Care

studiojeannemichelle 4 years ago

Thats interesting that it is just on your chin. Did you start birth control or get off it? The chin reacts a lot to changes in hormones. I would say a good overall treatment would be an Oxygen facial, for the blackheads a little salicylic acid added into the treatment and a high frequency treatment after the facial. To kill remaining bacteria.

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Miche35 4 years ago

Hi.. I stopped using birth control pills about 3 months ago and had been on them for many years prior. Could this be the problem?? Hormones etc. Thanks.

FishySpa 4 years ago

Hi Miche35 ,

We have got some acne products and bump stoppers that are really good and which may help reduce or completely remove them. Like Acne soap , and many more antiseptics..

Please visit our website for more information or call us for more information.

Sources: http://www.hairstops.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=60_61

SueEvans 4 years ago

Why not have a Neal's Yard Remedies Facial - all organic, natural and good for blackheads etc... I can offer these in Oxford on Mondays and Wednesday afteroons and Friday mornings. Sue 07799411994

Sources: http://www.nealsyardremedies.co.uk

Nic87 4 years ago

Dermalogica have a fantastic range called medibac this is however a range designed to treat acne. My advice would be to find somewhere in your area that offers dermalogica facials and they should offer free face mapping. This only takes about 15mins and you should go away knowing exactly what products are suitable for your skin. Hope this helps.

laurasmobilebeautytreats 4 years ago

A facial that includes extraction will help. Altnough I think the best treatment for blackheads are Micro Dermabrasion's google it for your nearest branch.

Sources: http://www.laurasmobilebeautytreats.com

LeahHelthallSpa 4 years ago

Sounds hormonal. Each area on the face corresponds or maps to an area of the body. The reproductive system or changes in your monthly hormone levels can cause break outs around the chin area. Make sure to up your cleansing/exfoliating routine 3-5 days before your period and stay hydrated internally and externally (topically).

An imbalance in hormone levels can change the oil/water balance in your skin. Hormones go up, so can oil production in your sebaceous glands (oil glands). Stay hydrated and apply a serum topically 2/day that has Hyaluranic Acid in it and is listed towards the top of the ingredient list so that you know the product is highly concentrated. Stay away from products that are extremely emollient or cream based.

Sources: http://www.isclinical.com/hydra_cool_serum

FacesbyRobin-LE 4 years ago

I would suggest that you begin by seeing an Esthetician for a deep cleansing facial, followed with extractions. You may also need a chemical peel or microdermabrasion. Possibly high frequency, as well. To compliment these procedures, you should begin using clinical strength home care products containing salicylic acid and/or glycolic acid. I would avoid benzoyl peroxide products, as they tend to be too harsh and can lead to overdrying and/or over-stimulation, which can lead to further breakouts and irritation.

MilaBeale 4 years ago

A facial that includes extraction will help. Altnough I think the best treatment for blackheads are Micro Dermabrasion's google it for your nearest branch.or go to website at http://www.gooduuuu.com or call me on 07624-451030

traceybell 4 years ago

Hi there, it seems as if you urgently need to get assertive with your skin and get it under control! There are several ways to do this - a good way is to start from the inside with a good antibiotic like Doxycycline which will break the bacterial cycle in the skin to prevent breakouts. Also you need to be using an intelligent skincare range such as our SkinScription products, which will aid cell turnover with the use of Lactic and Salicylic Acid and Vitamin A. You will need to maintain clearer skin with regular peels and microdermabrasion. This will rid the skin of excess oil, and dirt and prevent breakouts for clearer fresher looking skin. See our website http://www.traceybell.co.uk for more - and see http://www.youtube.com/traceybellchannel to see clever skincare in action.

Sources: http://shop.traceybell.co.uk/engine/shop/category/SkinScription

clmobilebeauty 4 years ago

I would look at a few aspects here - firstly your homecare routine and make up. I would always suggest using the classic cleanse, tone and moisturise above any face wash or antisepic. The primary reason for this is that too strong a face wash can upset the skins Acid Mantle (combination of sweat and sebum that protects the skin from infection) causing further dehydration and dryness. The skin may then produce more oil to fight the dehydration therefore producing more spots and blackheads - a vicious cycle so to speak.
Cleanse, tone moisturise twice a day to remove make up and debris is the first thing.
Genlty exfoliate the areas of concern 2-3 times per week to lift dead skin cells as very often acne and blackheads can be caused by dead skin cells being trapped in layers and blocking the pores.
Hormones and illness may also be a factor however now you need to treat the problem topically and learn how to contorl it - may be worth a trip tp the doctor at some point if the problem persists.
As a therapist I would sugget Microdermabrasion treatment to smooth and refine the raised bumps and to draw blackheads. If you feel this is a little harsh for the skin then a Lymphatic Drainage facial (elemis, decleor etc....) would be great to release and remove toxins that may have built up in the skin due to illness or simply being a little run down.
I hope this was of some help to you.

ReikiWithMamta 4 years ago

Lots of excellent advice here already about treating the symptoms. It sounds like the cause may be hormonal since you have just come off the birth control pill. If you would like some help with balancing the hormones, you could try receiving Reiki healing. Reiki can be very helpful with restoring balance and harmony within us at all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I have been giving myself a Reiki treatment every day since I learnt Reiki nearly 10 years ago. Over the years I have found it very helpful at all levels, especially with hormonal balance.

Please let me know if you would like some help in finding a good Reiki practitioner near where you are.

Sources: http://www.reikiwithmamta.com/

BryanVee 4 years ago

When it comes to acne...Dermalogica is what comes mind...I thin you would be pleased with their Medi-Bac line targeted for your symptoms.

stefanie1 4 years ago

A very VERY good facial to clean the pores is key. However, your maintenance in between facials is really important. We have a great at-home facial that consists of a light peel, deep cleansing clay mask and a moisturizing mask to balance the skin. There is also a cleanser, toner and serum. It's very comprehensive. You can try a one-time sized kit : http://us.wahanda.com/place/ling-skin-care-union-square/menu-prices/ . But the key is your at-home maintenance to keep your oil production under control and your skin as clean and balanced as possible.

la-belle-vie 2 years ago

Hi, I do facials such as Eve Taylor, Dermalogica and an organic herbal range. My clients love these facials.


Mobile Beauty Therapist Sugaring Specialist, Experienced & Qualified

I cover London, Essex, Kent, Surrey & More

The treatments which I provide are . . . .

- Sugaring hair removal
- Waxing
- Brazilian Hot Wax
- Opi gelcolor/axxium manicures/pedicures (last up to 4 weeks chip free).
- Minx Nails
- LVL lashes Lift length volume lashes (last up to 6 weeks).
- Individual lash extensions (lasts up to 4 weeks).
- Eyelash and eyebrow tinting (lasts 4 weeks).
- Facials (Eve Taylor)
- Bridal and any occasion Makeup & Hair (I have a portfolio of work I have done . . . Arab and Asian makeup)
- Airbrush make up coming soon . . .

More services also available, please enquire.

If you would like anymore information on the services I have to offer please contact me.

Sources: http://www.la-belle-vie.co

WestLondonColonics 1 year ago

Hi Iam Julia Rhodes of West London Colonics.
In my view the best facial is a colonic; beauty begins on the inside, and appears on the outside.

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