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Question: Is this the same as bamboo roll massage?

Asked by cmiller 4 years ago

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MMC123 4 years ago

Bamboo rolling is just another massage techique that involves the use of an implement rather than the hands. The rollers can be heated and come in various sizes for different parts of the body and in some ways are not unlike a hot stone massage. A smaller similar tool can also be used in reflexology.

I am not a great lover of these massage 'tools' because I believe there is no better way of assessing your clients skin, muscle tone, skeletal condition than using your hands and I haven't seen a tool yet that does it as well..!!

Given the opportunity I may use them in a similar way to a hot stone massage, ie to stretch and relax the muscles under heat but I would certainly never use them for deep tissue massage or on a client who had specific muscular aches, pains or other ailments. Rolling sore or tense muscles too deeply may have the reverse effect and in the wrong hands could make matters much worse for your client!

Biodynamic massage is a completely different form of treatment and uses several techniques to bring the clients body and emotional state into balance. I very much doubt whether the therapists who offer such treatment woud ever use a bamboo roller. I carry out Metamorphic Therapy and once again this is very much a 'hands on' therapy.

However, I would be interested in other therapists responses to your question.

MMC Holistic Therapies

Sources: http://www.pamperpartiesnorthwest.co.uk

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Angelica 4 years ago

Brilliant answer Maureen, you've said it all. :-)
Angela - http://www.in-form.co.uk

PaolaEnergya 4 years ago

You are right, you need to assess the client's skin texture with your hands, but I guess that for firm work you can then move on to using tools to save your wrists and knuckles...

Elizabeth008 4 years ago

I do agree with you Maureen - there is no better way of assessing your client than using your hands.
Kind regards, Elizabeth

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theguru 4 years ago

a bamboo massage is a massage using lengths of bamboo and rattan to roll over the skin, massage and stretch the skin.
Not heard of bamboo roll massage but assuming its bamboo massage.

lopo5 4 years ago

Hi Cathleen,

Can you provide a bit more context for your question... What is it that you are asking is like a bamboo roll massage?


4 years ago

There is not enough information to enable me to answer your question.
We do however offer most of the above at our Complementary Health Clinic.
Email info@tetnight.co.uk.

Kind regards


andys 4 years ago

Hi Cmiller, dont no about bamboo massage so only can say about the Tuina chinese massage that I practice. This has a movement where you roll the hand over the body , this movement looks easy to the eye but in China they practice for up to 2 years to perfect this movement. Hope this helps. Kind regards Andrew

Roscoe 4 years ago

Hi Cmiller. I don't know what Bamboo rolling is but Deep Tissue Massage is the application of slow firm pressure movements over the body using the hands, forearms & elbows. The effects of a slow deliberate movement helps to allow the surface muscles to relax and create a secondary effect on the deep tissue underneath. Usually firm static or circular pressure is then applied. Hope this helps.

massageforhealth 4 years ago

Interesting!! First time to learn of bamboo rolling...............and is what? the same as bamboo rolling...........is there a context to the question?

Elizabeth008 4 years ago

Dear Cathleen,

I think the first part of your question is missing so it is hard to give you a correct answer.

I practice Ayurvedic and Hot Stone Massage which is one of best way to treat tense muscles. Also, in Ayurveda, all massages are carried out with use of warm/hot herbal infused oils to warm up and relax the muscles and to start the natural healing process within the body.
I'm not very familiar with a bamboo roll massage but as I can imagine it is also one if the 'thermal massage" (like Hot Stone or Ayurvedic massages) which use the temperature to maximize treatment's benefit.

Best wishes,
Elizabeth Pudelek


Sources: http://www.sereneayurveda.com/Massage.html

TimGardiner 4 years ago


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