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Question: Any natural remedies for an itchy scalp?

Asked by PaolaEnergya 4 years ago

6 answers

I think the Christmas over-indulging has caused an imbalance in the ph of my hair and scalp (too much sugar!). Do you have any recommendations for natural remedies to treat an itchy scalp?

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cmiller 4 years ago

Hi Paola-

Since itchy scalp can be from an increase in yeast in the body finding organic hair products with tea tree, aloe, lavendar, rosemary and or thyme. These will all be herbs to help clear this naturally in the skin on the scalp (all anti-fungal and soothing herbs to help clear and nourish). My daughter uses Natures Organics Tea tree shampoo and conditioner and this really helped her.

Also be sure you are getting enough omega oils, water and zinc - all of which can help move return you to balance sooner.

Mind/body connection of itching can be to ask what or who is irritating you that you. Every symptom is a message from the universe about something we need to learn or adjust around us.

Hope this helps :)

Sources: http://www.livingthespiral.com

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PaolaEnergya 4 years ago

Very useful, thanks!

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Creation 4 years ago

The first important thing t
o establish is what is caused it. therefore if it is getting any worst please contact a medical professional. However here are some tips how to and common symptoms:
if your scalp feels tight and /or has flaky skin this may be caused by dehydration as a result of too much sugar or salt in your diet
If your scalp feels soft and oily - it could be caused by too much fat or oil in your diet.
itchy scalp can also be a result of an irritant in the shampoo, worth checking the list of ingredients.

It is very important to remember that everything effects your scalp medication, stress etc...

We would recommend scalp benefit by AVEDA, it is a shampoo and cond. that is made from all natural ingredients.

You could also find out if you have any la biosthetique salons locally and ask them to perform a scalp check.
hope this was helpful

Creation Salon
47 Windsor rd
Cf64 1 JH

Sources: http://www.creationsalon.co.uk

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PaolaEnergya 4 years ago

Thank you, that's very useful. I am pretty sure it's dehydration and too much sugar, as even my skin feels drier than usual.

robertbanyaga 4 years ago

Any good quality Tea Tree oil mixed with Almond or Lite Mineral oil (1:4) massaged lightly into scalp and left on for at least 3-5 minutes prior to shampooing (with a mild/preferably SLS free shampoo) should do well! Be sure to dilute the Tea Tree oil, otherwise it may cause more irritation!

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PaolaEnergya 4 years ago

Thank you, much appreciated.

PaolaEnergya 4 years ago

Just got my tea tree oil! Thanks!

FionaMax 4 years ago

Lush do a shampoo bar called soak & float which is brilliant! Looks pretty awful to be honest but good. They also do a solid massage oil called snake oil which you can rub into your scalp before washing. Both are brilliant!

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PaolaEnergya 4 years ago

Thanks, this is brilliant, I was actually thinking of getting a solid shampoo for air travelling because of the regulations on transporting liquids (security wanted to confiscate some perfume I got my sister as a Christmas present!)

LeahHelthallSpa 4 years ago

add some tea tree essential oil to your shampoo and conditioner. That should help the itch and ph balance. It's anti-fungal and anti-bacterial too.

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PaolaEnergya 4 years ago

Yep, got it, Robert Banyaga had already recommended it in a comment above.

Romyann 4 years ago

I recently read that rubbing yoghurt into your scalp can help? May be worth a try?

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