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Question: I'm a very allergic person, and it seems like I'm always sneezing. Would using a Neti Pot help?

Asked by MeghanO 4 years ago

15 answers

I haven't taken prescription allergy meds in years, but I'm starting to think that all this sneezing needs to stop. Would a Neti Pot help reduce the symptoms of my allergies? What are some other natural remedies for allergies?

Ayurvedic, Face Massage, Allergy Testing, Homeopathy

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Rach1 4 years ago

Hi there
For this problem I would suggest using Lavender and eucalyptus they both work well together. I would do this as a facial to help the oils get into your sinuses to open up your airway and have a calming affect these are the best oils for this problem and should help

Best wishes

Sources: http://ezinearticles.com/?Got-Allergies?-These-Essential-Oils-Can-Help&id=1770737

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DaynaJoy 1 year ago

yes, essential oils work well.

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ChristinaMustoeLMT 4 years ago

I would suggest a neti pot used with the appropriate solution twice a day and starting a regimen of local honey which will expose you gently to those allergens that make you crazy. After a while it should stop the symptoms of the allergies.

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DaynaJoy 1 year ago

yes, i have had good experiences with neti use.

Elizabeth008 4 years ago

Hi there,

According to Ayurveda, improperly digested foods (Ama) and chemicals (from the food, environment, etc) can cause allergy. First you need to find out what causes your allergy - if you already know it will be easier to treat it.
What I can suggest can help you:
- the right (for your constitution and imbalance) diet
- regularly using Neti Pot to reduce the clogging and accumulated impurities from your nasal passages
- change your lifestyle (if necessary)
- practice Yoga asanas and meditation
The best is to contact a qualified Ayurvedic Practitoner - she/he will have a closer look at your case and create the therapy plan that suits you the best. To find an Ayurvedic Practitioner near you please go to: http://www.apa.uk.com/find/

Best wishes,

Sources: http://www.sereneayurveda.com/

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DaynaJoy 1 year ago

I believe from my recent reading on Colonics that colonics area modern version of enemas which are widely thought to be amongst the most effective practices in Ayurveda

frankykfrp 4 years ago

Health Kinesiology is quite an effective way to eliminate what you have described. It uses a muscle as a tool to guide the practitioner how to proceed. It rebalances a persons energy so that the person can effectively deal with the cause of the symptoms. We are all over the UK and other parts of the world.

Sources: http://www.healthkinesiology.co.uk

4 years ago

Homeopathy has had several positive results with allergies. For more indepth information please email me - info@tetnight.co.uk

Kind regards


stallarda- 4 years ago

Yes i have heard that this can help some people but not everyone..worth a try.

MMC123 4 years ago

This is a difficult one to answer without knowing more about previous allergies, when the sneezing occurs etc. If it's a Rhinitis or Sinusitis problem then Hopi Ear Candling along with regular holistic facials, that help drain your sinuses, would be very beneficial. In between this something as simple inhaling warm (not too hot) steam with a drop or two of Tea Tree, Basil or Peppermint essential oil should help. I don't know enough about the results of the Neti Pot to make any comments on its use.

Sources: http://www.pamperpartiesnorthwest.co.uk

ukhomeopath 4 years ago

hello Megan
personally I would see your local homeopath who can help you overcome your allergies. I have personally cured many people with various allergies using homeopathy, so I am sure your local homeopath would be able to help you.
I do offer free initial chat, if you would like to discuss this further. You can contact me on skype: UKHOMOEOPATH or call me 020 8941 9122, whichever is most convenient for you.
All the best

FacesbyRobin-LE 4 years ago

Try any of these: 'Allergy Helper' from Continental Vitamin Company - relieves allergy symptoms. Decongest Herbal Formula from Zand - an allergy fighting product. Eucalyptus and/or thyme leaves can be used to ease congestion - boil either in a cup of water and inhale the steam. Nettle - reduces inflammation in the sinus cavities. (See your homopathic specialist for additional natural suggestions.)
You may also wish to try an Ayurveda massage and Ayurvedic herbs. This helps with cleansing the blood and helping the liver in detoxifying the body.
***Begin with finding out what is causing your allergies: foods, pollen, mold, smoke, animal dander, dust mites, etc.

Saravanan 4 years ago

Hope my article about Allergic rhinitis may help you.If you need further help, feel free to mail me.

Sources: http://homeopathyforwellness.blogspot.com/2010/08/homeopathic-treatment-for-allergic.html

Lilja 4 years ago

Hello, I agree that some homeopathy or kinesiology could be really good, and essential oil inhalations. A neti pot can be soothing but I think it is more effective for more chronic sinusitis or congestion. Acupuncture can be really effective at relieving the symptoms and also treating your underlying issues and immunity. Reishi mushrooms are a natural antihistamine and great at relieving these symptoms while also boosting your "defensive Qi". You can buy tablets from good healthfood shops- and you will have to persevere with them and take them for at least a few months before noticing a real difference. Nettle tea might be helpful, and peppermint tea, but it will depend on your individual diagnosis. You might also need to look at what is making you sneeze (if you haven't already!?) e.g. whether your bedding is old and full of dust mites, it might be worth changing or at least using anti-allergy sheets and duvet covers etc, and changing your pillows. Again, would need to know more about your personal situation (e.g. do you have any skin allergies too? Any other lung conditions? When did the allergies start? Are they worse at certain times of day/year?)...
Good luck though! And do get in touch if you have more queries.
Best, Lilja

Sources: http://www.tian-garden-acupuncture.co.uk

4 years ago

Hi Meghan, with allergies its important to detoxify the body on a regular basis - to keep the immune system bolstered & avoid ingesting what is attributing to the symptoms. sneezing is often liver related - it may be that you could do with some detoxification & liver flushing, along with colonic hydrotherapy work.
There are lots of natrual remedies to help - however an acurate diagnostic is important.
Hope this helps if you need further advice or wish to book an appointment please call or email
Thanks Happiness & Vibrant health

Joanne Oswell-Jones Ir
Simply Equilibrium

laurasmobilebeautytreats 4 years ago

Try Homeopathy. Just google it with your local area, Homeopathy has worked wonders for my illnesses over the years.

Sources: http://www.laurasmobilebeautytreats.com

cmiller 4 years ago

Hi Meghan-

Addressing diet, environment and personal beauty items (perfumes, make up etc) are all important steps but also working on emotional mind body connections can go deeper into what you are energetically responding to. Neti pots are great to open the sinuses and help clear you out there. Some aromatherapy oils in a steamer can help. Try lemon eucalyptus or peppermint to open you up.

I have worked with many allergies (both environmental and food) to help people shift what is going on in the subtle bodies around you as well as practical adjustments in your everyday life. Check out testimonials at http://www.livingthespiral.com

Sources: http://www.livingthespiral.com

WestLondonColonics 1 year ago

I am Julia Rhodes of West London Colonics .
My experience is extensive with hydrotherapy at the lower end of the body!
A combination of neti pot usage and colonics might well be a super approach to resolve the allergy condition by strengthening the bodys immune response capability, and reducing hyper sensitivity.
I have had good results with people who have had a series of treatments . 3 to 6 seems to be needed before systemic rather than symptomatic relief is seen.
\Not too many when one considers how longstanding the condition is for many allergy sufferer.

Sources: Wahanda page: http://www.wahanda.com/place/west-london-colonics/

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