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Question: What is the best natural hormone balancing treatment?

Asked by cmiller 4 years ago

13 answers

Best way to balance hormones naturally

Acupuncture, Ayurvedic, Therapeutic Massage, Yoga, Ayurvedic Massages

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Tracy59 4 years ago

Along with massage, reflexology is one of the best natural treatments for hormone balance. It eases the hormonal shifts which are also impacted by changes in qi flow. Maybe some aromatherapy would help with stress, it could be incorporated with the massage or reflexology

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cmiller 4 years ago

thank you Tracy- I love reflexology and appreciate your feedback.

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DudleyKentMBAcC 4 years ago

Traditional Chinese medicine may help with hormone regulation. In my own practice I would use a combination of acupuncture and herbs. Herbs can be of use with womens health problems, although you should only take them under the supervision of a trained herbalist.

Sources: http://www.city-acupuncture.com

NyameDua 4 years ago

Hello There,

Id suggest Reflexology or Thai Foot Massage.

The feet are maps of the body.

Nerves start at the base of the spine & travel down the spinal cord ending in either the ears, hands or feet.

By manipulating various parts of the feet, you can pin point the hormone producing organs/glands & stimulate them to work more effectively or slow them down if over active.

There also wonderfully relaxing allowing the body & mind to recuperate, re-energise & reorganise itself.

If you need any more info on these treatments, get in touch.

scott39 4 years ago

the best way to balance hormones get them test see why they are not balance i test them all see what going on in side the body yes can have a massage but it will not fix what is going in the body get the client to do the test then i can say why or what going on it can be fungus or parasite in the body or stress come from over work or over training to hard i wish is just cause of massage it make fill good but will not get hormones balance if your eating bad food or over training of have some more going go to my site and read more and see the that not just case of

Sources: fdnhttp://www.activebryantsystems.com/functional-diagnostic-nutrition.html

MMC123 4 years ago

Massage therapy is one of the most natural ways to balance hormones. It does this by adjusting the levels of various hormones within your Endocrine system. Dopamine and Serotonin are hormones that affect your mood and stress levels. During a massage treatment these levels increase and this is one of the reasons you feel so good after a massage..!! At the same time other hormone levels begin to reduce so anxiety levels will begin to subside. These are just a couple of the hormones involved when a massage takes place, but there are numerous others, all working to bring your body into balance. Reflexology is another natural treatment aimed at regulating hormonal levels and this too is quite a popular treatment for women suffering from hormonal related problems.

Maureen McGowan
MMC Holistic Therapies

Sources: http://www.pamperpartiesnorthwest.co.uk

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ambience-cupar 4 years ago

I totally agree with Maureen, anything that helps the body to rebalance itself and thus promote homeostasis is the most natural way to balance hormones.

cmiller 4 years ago

Thank you Maureen- Great feedback. I know alot of self care modalities will help but wondered what practitioners would rate as the best pick. I appreciate your input.

reSource-therapy 4 years ago

Each of the treatments listed above will help balance your hormones. As Maureen wisely said, anything that brings your body into balance will help to balance your hormones. I myself like to do myofascial release over the organs and/or craniosacral therapy to help the nervous system come online in a balanced way. Since it is the keeper of every bodily process, I find that when your nervous system is balanced and healthy you feel great and your body works like the healthy being you are designed to be.

JaneJ 4 years ago

To my point of view I belive that Acupuncutre could help a lot. But the most natural is Massage treatment. I truly belive then positive energy during a massage is the most powerfull to help balance whole body incl hormones. Jane xxx

VictoriaThomas 4 years ago

Hello, I would definitely recommend acupuncture for balancing hormones. This is not something that I offer but just my own personal opinion and I know many people who have had fantastic results following acupuncture treatment. Good luck!

vickiraven 4 years ago

It depends why your hormones are unbalanced. I would recommend homeopathy and herbalism.

cmiller 4 years ago

Balancing hormones is an ongoing focus for all women. I do my best to honor self care in whatever way that feels right for where your energy 'is' at the moment. I also to work with alternative energetic modalities like intuitive therapies utilizing quantum field to help keep the whole system in tune. When you adjust and clear the outer subtle body fields that in turn adjusts the internal cells to balance naturally.

Sources: http://www.livingthespiral.com

laurasmobilebeautytreats 4 years ago

Homeopathy just google it with your local area.

Sources: http://www.laurasmobilebeautytreats.com

ReikiWithMamta 4 years ago

I find Reiki to be very helpful for balancing not just hormones but for having better balance in my life at all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Reiki is a very intelligent energy and does what we need the most when we receive a Reiki treatment, at whatever level we may need it - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Reiki treats the cause, not just the symptoms. The practitioner does not need to diagnose as it is the Reiki energy that restores balance and harmony in our being.

One of the nicest things about Reiki is that anyone can learn it (quickly and easily) and then give oneself a Reiki treatment regularly. I find it very empowering to be able to give myself a Reiki treatment everyday rather than having to rely on another practitioner to be able to help me. It is much easier both in terms of time and money to give myself a Reiki treatment everyday. And it is as simple as putting my hands on myself.

I learnt Reiki in 2001. I have been giving myself Reiki everyday (nearly!) since then. Over the years I have found that I do not fall ill as often as I used to. When I do fall ill, I recover quite quickly. I have not developed any chronic condition since I learnt Reiki. Most people my age are beginning to be affected by hormonal imbalance. So far I seem to be doing fine.

Sources: http://www.reikiwithmamta.com/

Vickieminx1 4 years ago

Try reflexology as this is what I do once a month and it is brill x

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