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Question: Does anyone know of a jivamukti-style yoga class in hackney/dalston/shoreditch/old street area?

Asked by Ecoali 4 years ago

4 answers

I completely fell for Jivamukti-style yoga class when I was living in Amsterdam and practicing at Svaha centre. I was able to carry on practicing with Amrita in Brighton but now I have moved to Hackney I am desperate to find a class that is as integral: pranayama, philosophy, chanting, meditation and asanas.

Anyone got any recommendations?

Jivamukti Yoga

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4 years ago

I don't know of any in that immediate area, but if you can get to the Jivamukti centre which is near Notting Hill it is well worth the journey.... !

Sources: http://www.jivamuktiyoga.co.uk/

Other answers (3)

nickim 2 years ago

I am sure you may have had an answer by now or found the Jivamukti centre in London...I was visiting the UK in the Summer and was staying in Islington and it took me around about 40 minutes to travel to the Centre which is not far from Nottighill.

jivamukti1 1 year ago

Rachel, who teaches at the centre in Nottinghill, has started classes at yoga home in stoke newington on saturday mornings:)

bex789 11 months ago

There is a studio on kensal road, which is about 20 mins from Notting hill. The teachers are amazing and the studio is the most relaxing I have been in. :) http://www.jivamuktiyogalondon.co.uk/

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