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Question: Which essential oils have a calming effect?

Asked by Judy-J 5 years ago

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KirstensMassage 5 years ago

If you are looking for a calming effect you can use the ever popular lavender, which actually should be more balancing, frankencense, marjoram, Rosemary, ylang ylang and basil are all good. They each have different effects on the body but all are calming. For example, marjoram is a natural muscle relaxant and can help you calm down and unwind after a long day. Ylang ylang is helpful as a mood balancer. It helps lift depression, it is good for hypertension, insomnia, and PMS. All these oils have a variety of uses and can be blended or used alone for your specific needs. I recommend you look at a book that gives a descriptive explaination of which oils can do what so you can narrow down what exactly will help you the best. Also, there are different kinds of oils and some are not as good as others, so I suggest you be selective and carefully choose a brand of oil that will actually have enough therapeutic properties to actually be effective. doTerra is a good brand.

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Ernest 5 years ago

The main essential oil that is used for calming is Lavendar. But you can also use Eucalptus, Rosmary, and/or Pine.

beautifullyrelaxed 5 years ago

Many essential oils have a calming effect, but you have to have a full consultation before deciding the best oil for you, as different oils may not be suitable for all people.

Pam01 5 years ago

Lavender and Chamomile are good for relaxing and calming. There are many other oils which would be usuful depending on the reason one requires calming.

laurasmobilebeautytreats 4 years ago

Lavender is very relaxing and Chamomile is also calming.

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